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Deutsche Bank Internship Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2021
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Deutsche Bank visited our campus on 7 Sep 2021 for Summer Internship 2022.

Eligibility – Branch – CSE, IT, E&TC

Criterion – 7.0 CGPA and above, no Live ATKT.

The coding test was conducted on the HackerEarth platform.

Test Pattern

Coding questions – Total number of questions: 2

  1. Given n numbers, you can remember k distinct integers. For every extra integer you can’t remember, you have to pay a value X, find the total amount you have to pay.
  2. Based on String

Multiple Choice Questions – questions based on OOPS, DBMS, OS, and CN – No negative marking

  • Total number of questions: 10
  • A total of 26 students was shortlisted to appear for interviews from around 600 applicants. I was one of them.
  • The cutoff was 1 and a half coding questions and getting 80% of MCQs correct.
  • The preplacement talk was given only to the shortlisted students at 8 AM on interview day.

Tech round 1: Started at 9.30 AM. Started with Tell me about yourself question and cross-questions on my elevator pitch.

After that a bunch of questions on DBMS. The interviewer was very strict.

  1. What is a relational database?
  2. Explain joins.
  3. Difference between union and union all in DBMS
  4. Difference between delete and truncate
  5. What are database languages?
  6. What are the different types of constraints in the database?
  7. What is schema? What are attributes and tuples?
  8. Query for finding 2nd maximum salary.
  9. What is a unique constraint and how many null values it can hold?

Moving on to the Data Structure part now:

  • Share your screen and write a program to count total numbers of ‘a’ in your name and display the count.
  • Explain and implement bubble sort on the given array.
  • After this interviewer was asking the next question but there was a network issue at their end. The interview abruptly stopped as the interviewer left the meet. I was there on a skype call informing the student coordinator about this and their HR manager said that interview is complete! (without discussion on my projects and resume)
  • I was very disappointed after this scene. After around 3 hours my interviewer called me on my cell phone number asking that do I have any questions to ask as it did not end well in the morning. I asked one question. This gave me hope for getting selected for Tech round 2.

I was waiting for the result and my name wasn’t there for Tech round 2.

There might be two reasons for this –

  1. The network issue that messed up the entire flow of the interview
  2. I might not have answered DBMS questions up to the mark.

Lesson learned –

  1. Sometimes things are not in your hand, luck does matter!
  2. Focus on core subjects, don’t take DBMS lightly.

13 students were shortlisted for tech round 2 which started at around 3 PM.

After that 8 were shortlisted for the HR round which happened at around 7 PM.

Finally, 7 were selected. Do prepare well for the HR round too. This was also an elimination round.

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