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Deqode Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 07 Nov, 2021

Deqode is a mobile and web applications-based company. It was an on-campus drive by Deqode. There were 4 rounds – online coding round, first technical interview, second technical interview, and HR round. 

Online Coding Round: There were 2 coding questions only in the test of medium level. 

  • The important catch here was writing the algorithm to solve the question. 
  • Around 100 students appeared in the test. 
  • Among all, only 2 students were selected for the technical interview round. 

Technical Interview Round: The interviewer first asked me about myself. 

  • After this, I was asked to solve a coding question that was given on some platform and I was free to use any compiler to write code. It was a matrix question like –  return the sum of a maximum number of ones that form an island. He gave me about 45 minutes to solve the coding question and then was asked to check the test cases. I was able to pass 4 test cases out of 5. It made me nervous but he was appreciating my efforts and asked me to explain the code. I explained the code line-by-line. The questions were being put about the implementation methods I have chosen – why dfs and not bfs? I answered. 
  • After that, it was data structures round, I was asked which data structure I know. I replied linked list. Then the questions were asked from it and other questions about trees, basic data structures. You should know the basics of data structures and the programming language of your choice.  Then he started asking me questions from my resume. You should know every word of your resume, and about your projects and past work experiences. 
  • When this interview ended for about 1 hour, another interviewer joined me and asked for an introduction. Then, he asked me questions related to my resume. The internships I have done and my role and contribution in it. This interview also lasted for about 45 minutes. Then, he asked if I had any questions. I asked nothing but said thank you.

HR Round: It was a stress-free round. 

  • HR asked me to tell me about yourself, my family, my skills, and why I should be chosen for the company. 
  • This interview round is to know the personality, capability, and behavior of an individual. Be polite and clear about your thoughts. Don’t forget to research about the company.  
  • I was asked about locations I would like to work at and if any questions I have.
  • I asked her about the company, and the skills I would require to work in the company if I am selected. 

Verdict – Selected.

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