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Demonstrative Adjectives : Definition, List and Examples

Last Updated : 04 Sep, 2023
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Demonstrative Adjectives

Demonstrative Adjectives

Do you about the Demonstrative adjective? In English, it’s essential to learn about the Demonstrative Adjective for reading, speaking, and writing. In this article, we will delve into the details of Demonstrative adjectives, Their importance, a list of examples, and the Difference between Demonstrative Adjectives and Demonstrative Pronouns. So let’s get started!

Demonstrative Adjective

As known to everyone, an adjective is a describing word that bears some information about the noun or pronoun present in any sentence. Adjectives are destined information collectors that give the reader some idea about the noun or pronoun used, such as color, size, number, a certain quality, origin, etc. 

When speaking of a Demonstrative Adjective is known as a particular adjective with the role of a determiner. This adjective demonstrates or defines its position concerning the noun or pronoun in question. It usually describes how near or far the noun or pronoun is from it, utilizing words such as- this, that, these, and those. Therefore the Demonstrative adjectives act as signifiers of space and time in any given sentence.

Examples of Demonstrative Adjectives

Here is a list of 10 examples that break down the role of a Demonstrative adjective in a sentence:

  • Those shoes are very expensive.
  • That lady dressed in red is an actress.
  • Grab those mittens to shield your hands from the cold.
  • Put these dishes on the shelf.
  • That shark is the longest-living of its kind.
  • This kind of workout is enough to keep you fit.
  • These snacks are for your daughter.
  • Can you see that fence above the hill?
  • Are those flowers near the gate yours?
  • Those times were rough but meaningful.

Difference between Demonstrative Adjectives and Demonstrative Pronouns


Demonstrative Adjectives

Demonstrative Pronouns


Modifies and provides information about a noun or noun phrase

Stands alone as the subject or object of a sentence, replacing a noun or noun phrase


Points out or indicates specific people, objects, or ideas

Acts as the main noun or noun phrase in a sentence without modifying anything


Always comes before a noun

Stands alone as the subject or object of a sentence


Agrees with the noun it modifies in number and gender

Does not agree with any noun since it replaces the noun


“This book is interesting.” (Here, “this” modifies the noun “book”)

“This is interesting.” (Here, “this” replaces the noun phrase “book”)

List of Demonstrative Adjectives of All Tenses

Four types of Demonstrative Adjectives are divided into the Singular and Plural tenses.


  • This and That
  • Example: This is my new uniform for school.
    That is my favorite candy shop.


  • These and Those
  • Example: These cakes are freshly baked by Britney
    Those candles are the ones we go on a trip to San Francisco.

Exercise to check understanding of Demonstrative Adjective

  • Demonstrative adjectives are used to characterize an item’s physical location about the speaker. 
  • This and that change singular nouns, whereas these and those modify plural nouns.
  • The second most common use of demonstrative adjectives is to allude to specific points in time. 
  • They serve as descriptors for the nouns and pronouns used in each phrase.

Demonstrative Adjectives – FAQs

Q1. What are Demonstrative Adjectives?

Parts of speech are essential in classifying conventional English grammar. Adjectives are information collectors that provide the observer with information about the noun or pronoun. Demonstrative It is recognized as an exceptional adjective with the function of a determiner. This adjective shows or defines its relationship to the noun or pronoun under consideration.

Q2. What is the definition of a Demonstrative adjective?

A Demonstrative adjective is a descriptor of the noun or pronoun in a sentence that describes the attributes of the noun and conveys the distance of the noun or pronoun from the speaker, therefore clarifying the difference in space and time, which makes it essential to the English language.

Q3. Give some examples of Demonstrative adjective

Some examples of Demonstrative Adjectives include:
1. That perfume reminds me of my mother.
2. This book is everything I imagined.
3. Those branches look fresh and alive after the rain.
4. These apples are crunchy and tasty.

Q4. Why use Demonstrative Adjectives?

Demonstrative pronouns make it simpler to speak English. We appear more natural when we use words like this, that, these, and those rather than repeating the title of a noun or pronoun in a sentence, which makes them a crucial part of English grammar. 

Q5. How to find a Demonstrative adjective in a sentence?

When looking for a Demonstrative adjective in a sentence, you need to know that it emphasizes the subject or object performing or getting the action in the sentence. Therefore, it has to be a describing word defining the characteristics of the noun or pronoun present in a sentence.

Q6. Why Demonstrative Adjectives Are Important?

Demonstrative adjectives are descriptors or determiners used to identify or convey a noun’s relative location in time or space. A demonstrative adjective precedes all other words in the sentence and adds some weight to its meaning by giving us hints about the qualities and position of the noun or pronouns used.

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