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Deloitte USI Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2022 Virtual

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Deloitte USI visited my college campus for the role of Technology Analyst. The CGPA cutoff was 6.5 and no backlogs were allowed. All engineering branches were eligible to sit for the interview process. Around 230+ students applied for this role (both USI and India roles).

Round 1 (Online test): This test was conducted on AMCAT platform and proctored. The test contained 4 sections for USI candidates. The test was adaptive difficulty based, which means if you keep answering the questions correctly the difficulty will keep increasing. The test difficulty was medium. As the test is prepared by AMCAT, there are many questions which repeat from previous years. Also the test has a sectional cut-off as well as overall cutoff so I’ll suggest doing best in all of the sections and don’t omit anything. I’d suggest practicing repeated questions in the last moment. The following sections were asked in the test.

  • Verbal ability
  • Logical ability
  • Quantitative ability
  • Technical section (CS core subjects – OOPS, DSA, DBMS, CN, OS) 

After this round around 100 students were shortlisted (52 for USI and 48 for India). India candidates did not have a technical section.

So for USI candidates second round consisted of Interview (technical + hr) and for India candidates there was a GD and then an Interview. Since I applied for USI profile, I’ll share my experience for the interview.

Round 2 (Interview, Technical + HR):  The interview was taken by a senior member of Deloitte. The interview started with a mandatory introduction. I mentioned I like to watch scifi movies in my other interests part in introduction and the interviewer asked me about my favorite scifi movies to make me comfortable. After that, we moved on to the actual interview. He asked me to elaborate about the work I did at my internship (which i mentioned in the introduction) and asked about the company details where I interned. Some of the questions were – 

  • Did you work in a team or solo.
  • Were you paid for this or unpaid.
  • What was the duration of the internship?
  • What technology did you use and what new technology did you learn?
  • He also asked me about cloud technologies because I worked with firebase in the internship.

After this we moved on to my hackathon experience (also mentioned in the introduction). I explained the problem statement first, then about team members and how we divided the tasks, the tech stack used and why we used it, and finally the approach and implementation part. He was satisfied with the explanation and asked me some questions about mongo db and sql because I used these in my project.

Then he moved to core subjects, the questions were fairly basic and some of them were – 

  • Explain OOPS with real time example
  • SQL vs NOSQL
  • Theoretical questions on stacks and linked lists
  • SQL query for displaying two highest salaries in an employee table
  • Joins, procedures, indexes, and views (theory)
  • A simple query on joins (i wasn’t able to answer this, but explained my thought process).

Then he asked me what do you know about data visualization tools, I told him I knew some of the tools but I never used them and did data visualization using python in my last sem, only basic part. He mentioned he worked in the data visualization department and they need students who are familiar with cloud and visualization technologies.

The interview was supposed to be for 30mins only but at this point, it was over 40 mins so he wrapped up and didn’t ask any HR questions. He asked me if I had any questions for him and I asked him 3. Please research about the company and have at-least 2-3 questions to ask.

  • How is the onboarding for freshers in deloitte?
  • How is the work culture at deloitte.
  • Does he have any feedback for me.

After this round, 32 students were selected for USI profile(I was one of them 🙂 ) and 20 students were selected for India. They called us into a zoom meeting and congratulated us and explained the further process.


  • Prepare well on core subjects and your resume because 95% of the interview will be based on that.
  • Don’t lose confidence if you’re not able to answer something, just say I am not able to recall it correctly. I was very afraid after the Joins question and I was sure that I wouldn’t be selected because I couldn’t answer a simple join query, but that was not the case.
  • Be practically aware in the interview and pay attention to what the interviewer says. For example – my interviewer mentioned he worked in data visualization domain, I should’ve asked him about the work he does and the technologies he uses and which clients he work for, etc. But I was very much distracted after I couldn’t answer the join query and this just clicked to me after the interview.
  • Prepare a good basic introduction for yourself which lasts at least 60 seconds and at max 90-100 seconds and frame it according to the job profile. Practice the introduction in front of the mirror till you master it perfectly (very important).
  • Whenever explaining a project, use the STAR approach (please search about this).
  • Read the interview experiences on gfg and youtube and note down the common questions asked, I did this and trust me it’s very helpful.
  • Have a good night’s sleep before the interview and lastly don’t get demotivated if you are not selected, this is just one of the many interviews you will give.

Good luck!!!!

Last Updated : 23 Aug, 2022
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