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Deloitte USI Interview Experience for Consulting

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  • Last Updated : 02 Sep, 2021
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Company: Deloitte USI

Job Profile: Consulting

Location: Mumbai/Bangalore/Hyderabad/Delhi

Placement Process:

  1. Verbal Section (25 mins for 25 questions)
  2. Logical Reasoning(35 mins for 25 questions)
  3. Quants. (35 mins for 25 questions)

Round 1: Aptitude Test(MCQs)

  • The test was on the AMCAT platform both cam and mic ON.
  • The test was adaptive which means only if you submit your answer the next
  • question is going to pop up. You cannot traverse.
  • It was a time-based test. Each section had an individual time limit.
  • This was an elimination round.
  • 63 students were selected after this round.
  • This is the link I used to practice MCQs:

Round 2: Personal Interview

This was a one-on-one interview and the panelist was having a copy of my resume.

Tips: All questions were follow-up questions to make sure you are in the driver’s seat and driving your interview in the direction you want.

Tell me about yourself ( I had 9 months online coding instructor internship so mentioned it )

Questions asked:

  • He told me he was a lower kg kid and told me to teach him coding so using the
  • block-based coding platform I taught him and he interested
  • Where do I see myself in the next 5 years?
  • Gone through all my projects
  • 5What is one new thing you have learned?
  • Asked about my recent project.
  • Problems I faced while working in a team.
  • Then I asked him questions and he answered that we had a nice conversation. We were talking about Deloitte.
  • Do research about the company.
  • Though I was not asked any technical questions, some of my friends were told to
  • write codes, a lot of java and SQL questions.

39 students were selected after the interview round.

Verdict: Selected.


  • Keep the interview a conversation between two people.
  • Keep your HR answers ready.
  • Be in the driver’s seat and give directions to your interview. Talk about a project which
  • you want the panelist to ask you.
  • Research about the company(Follow them on LinkedIn and keep reading about them).
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