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Deloitte Interview Questions and Tips

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For the academic year 2018-19, Deloitte is on an hiring spree. Lucky for you guys!!!

This experience will help you crack Deloitte as no one can. Give it a full read.

Round 1: Round 1 comprises of basic aptitude and verbal questions asked through a test hosted on AMCAT. Questions were pretty easy in our case and just required the presence of mind and full concentration.

Round 1 is adaptive round, i.e., it totally depends on your performance that what next question will be. If you keep on answering correctly, level of questions will increase. You can’t skip the questions and then return back again.

The test was divided in 3 parts

A) Verbal – Give as many tests as you can on AMCAT, because the questions generally get repeated and this section will take only 10-15 min instead of 35 min if you’ve just practiced.

B) Quant – The questions ranged from basic mental mathematics to train problem, river problem, probability, HCF-LCM, Permutation and combination etc. They were of really mediocre level

C) Logical Reasoning– This is the place where you can get stuck. So keep your calm and keep attempting the questions. Don’t slow down in the starting or you’ll lag behind. Practice basic puzzles including pattern recognition, blood relation problems etc.


Round 2: In USI-BTA and DI-Tax profile, Deloitte is  generally going for JAM sessions. You’ll be asked to speak a number and  will be given a general topic corresponding to it in their list. You’ll have to think about it in around 10-20 sec and then speak on it for approximately 1 min (±10sec)

Here’s the key to successfully pass this round. I’ve enlisted the number and topic corresponding to it. Maybe it could be the same matching in your college as well –

1 – Technology and farming

2- Technology impact in future

16 – IT revolution and boom in India

20 – drones- revolution or menace
34- social media necessity or not
13- startups failure in India
8 – e commerce discount are harmful or not

10 – e Learning vs standard learning

 27- which Technology giant has played a good role in your life
6- which Technology is used in sports or should tech be used in sports
 21 – Technology and climate change
3 – life as a robot
23- downside of Technology in everyday life

22 – How Technology is making our home simpler and safer

29 – should all the softwares be open source

11 – startup culture – boon or bane

19 – is data the new oil

18 – usage of analytics in your daily life

17 – Is AI ( artificial intelligence) disrupting business for companies

14 – technology in disaster management


There were some more topics, whose number I couldn’t note down-

a) Are Netflix/Amazon Prime reducing the quality of TV serials?

b) Can India become a manufacturing superpower

They’re looking for people who are fluent and confident in English, know how to make sense and relevance and how to prove a point. All these tjings are tested in JAM round


Round 3: This comprises of your Personal Interviews. They are looking for people who are aware of Technology and have presence of mind that can help in problem solving and analysis.

1) So, have a thorough look at your technical projects and explain them as elaboratively as you can. Mention only those things in your resume that you’re aware of. They’ll try to ask whatever you’re mentioning ij that one paper.

2) Be confident and maintain eye contact

3) Don’t be nervous or hesitant, they need you more than you need them.

All the very best

Last Updated : 07 Sep, 2018
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