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Deloitte Interview Experience | Set 6 (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 01 Sep, 2017

Deloitte India visited our college to hire for CYBER RISK ANALYST profile.

Work Location: Gurgaon
ELIGIBILITY: B.Tech/M.Tech/Dual – CS/IT/ECE (circuit branches ONLY) – 6 CGPA & above

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Following was the process right from the start to the end of the selection process.

Round 1: Aptitude test
A common round for Deloitte India as well as Deloitte USI.
It was conducted by Aspiring minds (AMCAT)
It consisted of basic questions from Quants,Logical Reasoning and Verbal Ability. Out of some 900 students who appeared for the exam, 180 were shortlisted for Deloitte USI while 25 were for Deloitte India.

ROUND 2: 28th August, 2017: Deloitte India – JAM ON A CASE STUDY
The shortlisted 25 students were divided into two groups.
Each group was given a separate Case Study and 5 minutes were given for its analysis. Then, each candidate in the group was supposed to speak at least for a minute stating the situation and proposing their solution. Our group got a case study of a faulty ERP system in which multiple fake transactions were directed towards a particular vendor.

Note: This was not an elimination round.

The group division was the same as in the previous round. Both groups were given topic related to the current affairs. Our topic was “Right to Privacy” and the other group got “Demonetization”. Candidates had to pitch in their opinions, some questions were specifically targeted to particular candidates. Judges were paying attention to not only how well we present our views, but also how keen we were listening to other’s opinions.

Based upon the combined scores of the above two rounds (JAM and GD), nine out of the 25 students were shortlisted for the interviews.

We were asked basic questions related to Computer Networking Concepts and Cyber Security which was a prerequisite for this profile. Some of the questions from networking were: IPv6 vs IPv4 addressing, Sub-netting, OSI/TCP model difference etc.
Then, some questions related to your college projects and elective subjects were asked. This went for around half an hour followed by an HR interview.

This was not an interview, but just a chit-chat session. Questions were based on your resume such as your hobbies, interests etc. Then, the standard question – Why Deloitte?
The HR gave me a short feedback and asked if I had any questions.

WE were then asked to wait.


THREE students were selected for this profile from our college and I was one among them.


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