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Deloitte Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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Deloitte had come to my Campus during the second week of November. They hired both full-timers and interns. I was among the interns. The internship process began with a test that was conducted few days prior to the interview.

The questions were from three different sections : Verbal Ability, Aptitude and Logic and some Mathematical questions. They shortlisted around 14 candidates from the whole lot for the next rounds. The next rounds included JAM(Just A Minute) and an interview with one of the panel members. We were given a Pre-Placement Talk before our Jam which was amazing considering the fact that they managed to get the crowd interactive unlike most other companies that had come. The panel was very active. Their presentation was also informative.

Then we were taken for JAM in which we were divided into groups and was assigned a JAM Master from their panel members. Our JAM master was a friendly guy and listened keenly to each one of us speak.
Some of the topics they had asked for JAM are :
1) The downside of Technology
2) Can India become a Manufacturing Power
3) How can we leverage technology to combat climate change
4) One tech company that has a big impact in your life
5) Life as a Robot
and other similar topics related to technology and the current trends.

Out of the 14 they shortlisted 6 students for the next round which was going to be the final interview. The interviewer scanned through my Resume thoroughly and asked about the project I had done, he asked about the technical difficulties I had faced while doing it and asked me to explain them.He also asked about my reason for choosing Deloitte, my goal in life and also about how do I plan to implement the things that I want to achieve.He also asked some questions from my areas of interest.
He asked if I had questions for him, to which I asked about the things I wanted to know.
In short, it was a great experience being with a very friendly team from Deloitte. All the members of the team that had come to our college were interesting people with a lot of positive vibe in them.

Tips to all friends attending Placement Interviews:
1) Your composure is a very important factor for any interview. Be pleasant no matter what.
2) Should be good at speaking ,naturally most of us are but make sure you stay confident even among people whom you have not met before.
3) Stay formal , being a consulting company I would say that one must be on one’s best.
4) Last but not the least, every organisation has their own ideologies. In general, I would say you should attend the placements of only those companies you are really interested in.

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Last Updated : 10 Dec, 2018
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