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Selection Procedure: Consisted of three rounds.
There were 3 profiles namely, Business Technology Analyst – Deloitte USI (BTA), Analyst – Deloitte India and Product Strategy and Life-cycle Management- Deloitte USI (PSLM).

Round 1:

Aptitude test that lasted for about two hours consisting of Verbal, Quantitative and Logical Reasoning conducted by AMCAT. Verbal section comprised of reading comprehension, synonyms, antonyms, fundamental concepts of grammar. Quantitative section involved problems on probability, number systems, trains, ages, geometry, simple and compound interests and other basic concepts. It was an adaptive test with no negative marking.

Round 2:

BTA and PSLM profiles had Just A Minute (JAM) session whereas the Analyst profile had Case studies.
In JAM session, candidates were divided into groups of 7-8. Each candidate had to pick a number from 1-40 and the interviewer gave the corresponding topics. We were given 30 seconds to prepare and had to talk for a minute. Topics were on Social media influences, Technology, Agriculture, AI, Pharmacy, Augmented reality.

Case Study: Candidates were divided into groups and each group was given a case. The case was distributed in printed sheets to each member along with a set of questions to which the candidates were expected to come up with solutions. About 20 minutes will be given to understand the situation. The group had to divide topics among themselves and each member had to give his opinion and solution to the situation followed by Group
Discussion on the same. After the discussion, the recruiter may ask questions to the group or an individual based on the approach to the solution.

Round 3: Personal Interview (Technical – HR)

Questions were based on the projects mentioned in the resume. Candidates were asked about their comfort level to code in C, Python and Java. Few questions were asked on the same. The recruiter also wanted to know our interest in Machine learning and Robotics.
Some of the popular questions like, ‘Why Deloitte?’, ‘Tell me about yourself’, ‘Contributions to the project’, ‘Problems encountered while doing the project and the solution to it’ were asked. Follow up questions were based on how the candidate fielded the questions. Communication skills, confidence level is checked. Being aware of the emerging technologies would be beneficial.

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