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Deloitte Interview Experience for Innovation and Automation Profile | On-Campus 2021

  • Last Updated : 06 Sep, 2021

Deloitte visited our campus(SRMIST) in August 2021 for as many as 6 profiles. It consisted of 3 rounds after shortlisting of students based on some basic criteria. Almost students of all branches were allowed to apply to these profiles.

Round 1 : 

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This was an MCQ round. This round consisted of questions from general aptitude, logical reasoning, and verbal reasoning. We had to score a decent amount to qualify for the next round. It was divided into sections. You have to score well in each and every section. After this round, only 43 students were shortlisted for this role.

Before round 2, Deloitte had scheduled a presentation for the selected students. In this PPT, they told us about the work we would be doing in this role.


  • Study the quantitive aptitude thoroughly.
  • Study about the job profiles and then choose the job profile that suits you well

Round 2 :

  • The interviewer in this round was extremely friendly. He made me comfortable. In this round, the interviewer first asked me to tell about myself. Communication is a very important skill for Deloitte. The interviewer was interested to know about me. He was having a general conversation. He asked me about the coding languages I know, the leadership roles we have taken, and so on.

After this round, 8 people were selected for the next round.


  • Be confident
  • Have good communication skills
  • Have a good hold over your skills and explain thoroughly

Round 3 : 

  • In this round, the interviewer was a senior official. He asked me to introduce myself first. He told me that the interview will go according to the way I wanted it to go. He was asking about my life in general. He asked me to explain my project and then went into detail. He asked me my role in the project and what are the difficulties we faced in the project and how we overcame it. He then asked me about my co-circular activities and went into little details about them.


  • Be through with your project and skills.
  • Explain everything very calmly and nicely.

Result: After this round, a zoom link was sent to the selected students and I was one of them. 


  • Study about the job profile.
  • Keep calm and stay confident
  • Keep smiling and have a happy go lucky attitude
  • The process is easy and the interviewers are easy going so just enjoy.
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