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Deloitte Interview Experience for Consulting Technology Analyst (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 22 Jul, 2021
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There were 3 rounds for the position of Consulting Technology Analyst at Deloitte. 

Round 1: This round was conducted on the AMCAT platform. 

  • This test lasted for almost 50-55 minutes with it being adaptive. 
  • Quantitative aptitude, Logical reasoning, and English comprehension were the key areas checked. 

Round 2(Group Discussion): This round was a group discussion round held online. 

  • A case study was given on which conclusions were to be made. 
  • Approximately 30 minutes were given for it.

Round 3(PI): Final was the PI round. 

  • Basic HR questions along with some basic technical questions were asked based on your resume. 
  • Be sure of what you’ve written in your resume.

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