Deloitte Interview Experience for BTA( Business Technology Analyst)


Round 1 was on an online test conducted on AMCAT which consisted of  questions

1)English Language

on basic grammar, sentence completion, 2 comprehension passages and questions based on that.It was pretty easy.

2)Advanced Quantitative Aptitude

3)Logical Reasoning

4)Technical MCQ-based on data structures and algorithms.

Round 2:Group discussion

The shortlisted students were divided into groups. For the gd, the group was given a general topic and 1 minute time to jot down points and then were asked to start.

Try not to interfere much.Be patient but do not miss the chance to speak.

Listen to other ‘s points and try to connect your point to it while speaking.

Speak loudly and confidently. Do not repeat what you are saying .Try including relevant points.

Round 3:Technical Interview

1)Introduce yourself, about projects…

2)what subject do u like the most…. started questioning about SQL.

  • joins
  • types of joins
  • referencial integrity
  • the foreign key, referenced and referencing tables
  • cartesian product, normal forms
  • more SQL queries…
  • sql kewords

3)The code to write on paper was a pattern, similarly 1 or 2 related problems to code on paper and explain.


5)Questions on oops concept

  • static keyword
  • interface…  other concepts like inheritace.

Next, those shortlisted proceeded for the HR round for final shortlisting.




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