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Deloitte Interview Experience for Associate Analyst (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 18 Sep, 2020
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Deloitte USI (The Indian branch catering to US clients) had come to my college offering a full-time Associate Analyst position. It was open to all branches and the pointer criteria were 6.75+. Around 300 students had applied. Since this was during the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire process took place online.  

Round 1: The first round was an aptitude test hosted on AMCAT. There were three sections. 

  1. Verbal: 25 questions in 25 minutes
  2. Logical: 25 questions in 35 minutes
  3. Quantitative: 25 questions in 35 minutes

The questions are mostly simple with a few intermediate ones. It is safe to say that if you score at least 18 in every section, you are probably going to get shortlisted. 77 students were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 2: The second round was a ‘JAM’ round or Just-A-Minute, wherein you were given a topic to speak about for at least one minute. The procedure was very simple. There were 11 candidates in one Zoom call along with a member from the interview panel. There were 40 topics. When the panel member called out your name, you had to select a number and you would be given the topic corresponding to that number. In case you were not comfortable with the given topic, you could pick another number, but then you were not allowed to go back to the first topic, so this was a tricky choice. Once a number is picked, the topic is canceled out, irrespective of whether the candidate chooses it or not. Once you confirm that you are okay with the topic, the panel member would start the timer. You were given a total of 2 minutes 1 to formulate ideas and 1 to speak. You could start speaking before the initial 1 minute was over but try to utilise it for preparing as much as you can. We were allowed to use a pen and paper to scribble down ideas if we wanted, but I felt that it was time-consuming and distracting. Try to do it mentally. The point of this round was not to see what content you can spew out in that small duration, but to actually see how confident you are, your mastery over the language, your fluency, and your grammar. So keep it short and crisp, don’t use large words to impress, and try not to repeat ideas. Also, keep a smile on your face. Just let it all out in one smooth flow and you will surely move on to the next round. Another tip would be to start and end with a thanking note. Something simple like, “Thank you for this opportunity.” Followed by your name and your assigned topic. Structure your content, including the benefits of it, the challenges you might face, and try to provide a conclusive statement towards the end. My topic was “How can technology be used in sports?” I’ve listed down some of the other topics that the other candidates got. Try to prepare a few topics beforehand as it helps a lot. 40 candidates were shortlisted for the next round.

  • Using technology for sustainable agriculture
  • Classroom learning vs. e-learning
  • Replacing on-field umpires with technology
  • Usage of 3-D printing in solving real-world problems
  • Increasing screen time on digital devices
  • Voice calls vs. Video calls
  • Using customer data to provide better services
  • Using data for marketing
  • Using drones for monitoring and surveillance
  • Recommendations of e-commerce platforms
  • Online OTT platforms vs. TV
  • AI in healthcare

Round 3: The third round was a face-to-face interview with one of the panel members. It is purely an HR round with some questions based on your resume. My interviewer was very friendly and polite, putting me at ease right away. Try to keep calm and don’t show any signs of nervousness. Prepare the usual HR topics like “Tell me something about yourself” or “Why Deloitte?”

  1. I was asked the following questions.
  2. Being from an electronics background, why have you opted for a consultancy job?
  3. Suppose you have to present a project the day after tomorrow and you are behind schedule. On top of that, your teammate is showing disinterest and is not doing the work assigned to him. How will you approach this issue?
  4. If in 5 years, you are sitting in my place and interviewing a future candidate from your college, will you advise him to focus only on the technological aspects of his job or would you recommend understanding the business side of things as well?
  5. Tell me about your internship.
  6. You have a few projects on your resume, which is your favourite and why?
  7. Do you have any questions for me?

I answered all her questions with clear concise sentences and it was visible that she was happy with my answers. She was quite impressed with my project (A visual novel based on Ren’Py) and she asked a lot about it. Once the interview was over, she asked me to give her a demonstration of the VN. I launched it for her, and we went through the first few minutes of it. She liked it a lot and expressed her desire to try it out. We cracked a few light-hearted jokes and overall the atmosphere was very relaxed. Once the process was done, I was asked to exit the meeting and wait until further notice.

Once all the interviews were over, we were told that we would get a personal mail with a link to the closing ceremony, if we were selected. The waiting was tiring and at last, the mails arrived. I was one of the lucky ones and was offered a position in their company. A total of 20 candidates, including me, were selected.

All in all, it was a really nice experience and I’m glad I’ll get an opportunity to be a part of such a reputed firm as Deloitte USI.

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