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Deloitte Interview Experience – 6 years experienced for Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate Developer

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  • Last Updated : 12 Sep, 2018
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I got call from Deloitte on Monday, about the interview scheduled on Saturday and told a formal mail will be sent in couple of days. As said, I have received formal interview call letter a day before the interview. Reached by 10.15AM for the interview scheduled at 11AM and returned by 3PM.

Round 1: Technical Round 1

Mostly logical and scenario based question. Overall I enjoyed as they didn’t tested my memory instead my knowledge and understandings.

1. Scenario: A patient wants to schedule an appointment with a doctor on a particular time.

Eg: hospital–>department–>doctors–>patient

  • How the tables looks like and its relation?
  • How the class hierarchy will be and its relation?
2. Questions from Design patterns as I have mentioned it in my CV
  • Factory vs Abstract Factory
3. Spring Dependency Injection
  • Setter vs Constructor injection and which is better
4. Questions from Group by in oracle sql
5.  Program or logic to find the count of a pattern in a circular linked list
6. Questions from Java 8 new features

Round 2: Technical Round 2

  1. A brief intro about myself, project worked, and the technology I know
  2. Write java program to iterate and find unique words and its count
  3. Agile scrum model
  4. Questions from Spring Boot

I have been asked to wait…

Round 3: HR Round

I had confident that I will be selected as I have answered well, except Hibernate related as I’m not aware. Finally HR has told that I will get the feedback on Monday(which means I’m not selected) and then left the place.

Better luck next time!! 🙁


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