Deloitte Internship Interview Experience (On-Campus)

Round 1: First round consisted of a online exam conducted on AMCAT. Mcqs were divided into following sections

Name of the section Max Marks Duration (in mins)
Quantitative Aptitude 25 35
Logical Reasoning 25 35
Verbal Ability 25 25
Total 75 95

The questions were not formula based but rather intuitive. No negative marking .The questions were to be answered in the order they were given and once you answer a question you cannot return back to it. Time management is required

I had practiced from  –

Around 600 students gave the test out of which 35 were shortlisted

Round 2: It was JAM (Just a minute session) . In this we were given a topic on the spot. 30 sec were allotted to think about the topic and 1 minute to speak on it. Then after that 2-3 questions were asked on the same topic related to what you said

Topics were like

  • How can technology affect weather
  • Are startups just a trend
  • Drones – Boon or Bane
  • Person you look upto
  • Affect of AI on jobs

Key thing was confidence, and how you presented the topic. Try to have a fixed mindset (whether you support or not and why) .Content was not given much importance compared to your speech.

After this round 14 students were shortlisted

Round 3: Personal Interviews 

Interviewer asked to me introduce myself . Then he asked questions related to projects on my Resume(not technical details but what i did in it). Why did you choose computer science ? What I know about Machine learning ? Then some questions on DBMS like normalisation, consistency in database.

Lastly he asked whether i had questions for him


Finally 6 students were selected for the internship

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