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Dell Technologies Interview Experience for Software Engineer 2 | On-Campus (Secureworks)

  • Last Updated : 11 Aug, 2021

Round 0: Resume Shortlisting or Eligibility Criteria – [Masters Student in Computer Science or Electronics] with 6.0+ C.G.P.A throughout

Round 1: Written Test [60 Questions in 120 minutes] – Computer Science Subjects {DSA, OS, CN, CO, and DBMS}

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Round 1 Results: 9 Students got shortlisted! 

Round 2(Tech1 – 60 minutes):  

  • Introduction (2-5 minutes) 
  • Projects Discussion (15-20 minutes) 
  • OOPS Concepts(30 minutes) 
  • Anything to ask?(5 minutes)

Round 2 Results: 4 Students got shortlisted!

Round 3(Tech2 – 60 minutes): 

  • Introduction (2 minutes) 
  • DSA Questions: some stack, and tree questions on rapid-fire basis only pseudo code (10-15 minutes) 
  • DBMS Concepts: DML vs DCL, Joins, SQL queries, etc (5 minutes) 
  • OS Concepts: thrashing, deadlock, etc (2-5 minutes)
  • CN Concepts: TCP/IP, Ping, etc (5 minutes)
  • Brief into all Projects (5-10 minutes)
  • HR Questions: Why us?, Strengths & Weaknesses, etc (5 minutes) 
  • Anything to ask? (5 minutes)

Round 3 Results: 2 Students got shortlisted!

Round 4(Hiring Manager – 60 minutes): 

  • Introduction (2 minutes) 
  • HR Questions: Why SecureWorks?, Strength and Weaknesses, etc (10 minutes) 
  • Project Discussion (5 minutes) 
  • 1 Coding Question: Easy but I was under stress so made couple of mistakes, but eventually code passed all test cases in 3rd or 4th try, Interviewer was really helpful, even mentioning the line number of possible error (40 minutes) 
  • Anything to ask? (5 minutes)

Round 4 Results: Both Shortlisted!

Round 5(HR – 30 to 45 minutes): 

  • Deep Introduction and cross-questions for verifications(5 minutes), 
  • Why SecureWorks? (2-5 minutes) 
  • Strength and Weaknesses 
  • Do you know about the role offered? 
  • Anything to ask?  
  • Detailing of role  
  • Compensation 
  • Offer Letter Discussion

Final Results: Both got offered!

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