Dell R&D interview experience

I am writing down my experience here to actually know the answer for a question asked for me in Dell R&D interview. My interview went like this.


Round 1: Aptitude : CLEARED

Round 2: Given a scenario and represent it pictorially how to implement it.

We were given a scenario of a e-commerce app and how do we implement it. Explained it with a flow chart to represent the control flow and out of 100 students 5 were selected and i was one of the 5.

Round 3:Group Discussion.

Again a scenario was given where we 5 were assumed to be team who is working on particular application which has following features:

  • Scalability
  • Inter-process communication
  • Fault-toluerent
  • Security
    we were expected to explain how our application satisfies all these properties and what we are using in an application to ensure availability, how can it scale users, how simple it is to use and what are its peers in market and how is it different from them and also why should user choose our app over other peers. We were in our final year of BE and they expected us to explain an imaginary app we developed and how it is better from others.

Round 4: Every one was just pushed to next round as no one met their expectations. Now this was called logical round. Some of my friends were asked what happens what happens when a ruby and rubber ball dropped from same height and time. Then came my turn where i was asked how does a leaf fall.

I told them it gets detached from the tree and touches ground with a turbulent motion. They were not satisfied by the answer and the question went on like how does leaf fall when it rains, when there is hurricane, when there

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