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DELL Interview | Set 1 (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 28 Apr, 2017
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Pattern : written + 2TECH + 1 HR(But for me 1Tech + 2HR)
Type : Online
Cgpa criteria : NO
Written Exam Modules : 60 questions 70 min (no -ve marking) Aptitude questions were time taking, OS, Data structure, Database and Computer Networks

Try to read gate material from geeksforgeeks. many of the questions and concepts are from it.

“Be individual and solve them”

Shortlisting Information :

If you can answer at least 40 questions, you’ll get shortlisted. They shortlisted 15 candidates for interviews and also they called 8-10 waiting list candidates for interviews.

My Interview Experience:
Round 1 : (35 min)
1. code of Inorder recursive and non recursive
2. Questions on sorting like best algorithm if u consider (no. of swaps, no. of comparisons etc)
3. Sorting words in a large file.
4. T9 Dictionary(most important question of many companies).
5. Insertion sort code (they look for each every corner cases,so better check ur code with all types of test cases and then ask the interviewer to review it )
6. course projects.

Then he asked to wait for second round.

By that time, those guys(DELL interviewers) have decided to take only 10 members and they already have the count and they were calling the selected candidates and congratulating them and for my friend they have specified the field and under whom he would be working. As the count have been reached, those guys are not interested in me, they would like to take my interview just for formal. I understood the scenario and i should create an special impression about me to get selected and increase their count.

Round 2 : (30 min Tech + HR)
Interviewer was the best guy among the other interviewers i met till now. Awesome experience with him. I felt like I was speaking to my friend and some times we were cracking jokes on each other.

Basic HR questions
1. Tell me about yourself
2. +ve’s and -ve’s
3. Explanation of Course Projects(discussion oriented went for 20 min)
4. Show me an example that you are good at team work.
5. course projects
6. Finally he asked me to say about DELL as much as i know?
But really speaking, I don’t know anything more about the company information.But i said only one sentence
“DELL, The main weapon of most of the Computer Science students over here and every where.”

By that one sentence he was impressed more and he gave me one best complement.

“You have good narrating and management skills. You can be recruited into HR management and can come to you campus again next year to recruit your juniors”.  It was an awesome feeling when he said that sentence.

Round 3: (5 min)
I said that I was placed in INTEL and want to join INTEL. He said he was impressed with my frankness and ended the interview over there.


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