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Dell Interview Experience | Set 8 (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 24 Sep, 2017
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Dell had come on campus for 2 profiles-Software Developer and Business Analyst.

Round 1 (Software Developer):

Online Technical assessment containing 3 sections.

  1. Aptitude
  2. Technical ( Recursion, DBMS, trees, queues, arrays, stacks, link lists, oops)
  3. Optional section: C++/Java

In C++, contained output questions of mutual recursion, inheritance, virtual functions,etc.

Round 1 (Business Analyst):

Shortlisting based on Resumes.

Round 2 (Business Analyst):

Written MCQ test of data interpretation. Contained 20-25 questions based on graphs, paragraphs, logical reasoning, maths, etc.

I had got shortlisted for both the profiles.

Technical Interview Round -1:

  • Tell me about yourself.
    I told her about my projects and a deep discussion took place on all three of my projects discussing the implementation and modules I handled in each of them. I also explained the working of Django at the end along with the projects.
  • Where have you used object oriented techniques in your projects? Demonstrate through code.
  • How would you do testing? (discussion about types of testing like unit testing,functional testing)
  • How did you do testing in your projects?
    I wrote 4 situations where testing was required for my internship project.
  • Which language are you proficient in?
    I told C++.
  • Who uses C++ these days?
    I told her I am good at learning new technologies myself and I am learning Java at present. She basically wanted to check if I had any language/technology constraints.
  • Where is C++ used in your projects?
  • What is the difference between if-else and switch? Then one more question about some c++ concept which I don’t remember.
  • How did you deploy your project?
  • She saw the github links on my resume and asked what is checkin, checkout? There was a question on one more term which I don’t remember.
  • Suppose you are a newly hired person and you are given a project with rest of the team members as seniors. No one is listening to you and telling you about the complete project but you are just asked to finish up with your part. What would you do?
  • Suppose you are an event manager, managing an event for the first time in your organization, and no senior is ready to help, how would you make your way through it coming out with a successful event?
  • She asked me to demonstrate the complete process I went through in my Internship project.
    To this, I tried to frame my answer in such a way that each phase of the software development life cycle gets covered along with examples.

  • At the end she told me to ask any questions on which I asked about the feedback.

After that I asked if I’ll be working at a project that spans a long period or different projects at different times.

Then I also asked if it’s possible to switch in between the projects in case we find we can fit better into another one.


Business Analyst Interview Round 1: (Panel interview on Skype)

  • What do you understand by Business analyst?
  • Walk me through your resume.
  • You have been involved more in Web Development projects, why are you interested in this profile?
    I told them about how enthused I have been with Business, Finance and related fields.
  • Your role in Internship project.
  • If I ask your professor to describe you, what attributes will he use for you.
  • PUZZLE: If you have 9 coins in hand, and out of them 1 weigh less, in how many steps can you identify the odd coin. Describe the procedure.
    I told that we could identify using 2 steps and explained the complete procedure.
  • Ques: Tell me your approach to identify number of laptops sold in Delhi per day. Give a rough figure.
    I told them we will start analyzing from a colony, multiplying with no of colonies in a district, multiplying with no of districts in the city. I gave them a rough figure of no of households in a colony and no of laptops bought in 1 day in that colony.
  • At the end the panel asked if I had any questions. I asked how near I was to the answer in above question. To which they said your estimation will overshoot the actual no but they were looking for the approach.

Based upon above 2 rounds , I was straight called for the Managerial Round.

Managerial Round:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Detailed discussion about my projects.
  • Should I test you in maths, programming or Logic?
    I told her you can test me on programming or logic.
  • She asked me to choose one to which I chose programming. She asked the reason for my choice.
  • She gave an organization sceneraio and asked me to design the schemas. (I formed 3 tables- EMPLOYEE, SALARY, DEPARTMENT).
  • A different table for salary as salaries could be different for each month.

  • Asked an sql query concerned with 2 tables department and employee.
    Basically testing me on the application of correct join and how I wrote nested queries.
  • Asked me the difference between all types of joins.
  • An sql query concerned with all 3 tables. (at the end had to print salaries by month for every employee in a department).
    The query was a nested one and I had to apply 2 joins in the same query.

    She said I had missed out the group by clause. Then she said you need to improve upon it and told we are done. On this I requested her to test me on logic. She agreed and gave me a puzzle.

  • PUZZLE: There are 3 jars of capacities 8, 5, 3. The jar with capacity 8 was completely filled with water. She asked me to divide the 8 litres into 2 portions of 4 litre each using above 3 jars.
  • She made me sit in front of her and solve and called another candidate for the interview . I took some time and gave the solution to her. She checked if any solution with lesser no of steps could be developed. Since my solution came out to be optimum she said it was correct and in 5 min I was called for the HR round.


  • Introduce yourself.
  • Asked me about my roles in the projects(which must be clear) and how I got selected in each project.
  • Then she asked me why my grades in college are not as high as grades in school.
  • She went through each section of my resume and questioned me about almost everything I had written in my Competitions and Extracurricular Activities section.
    Basically wanted to check if I am aware of my resume or the things were fake.
  • Then she discussed about the location and asked me the reasons for my choice.
  • Asked me if I had any questions.

I was offered the Software developer profile (my first preference out of the 2 roles).


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