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Dell Interview Experience | Set 7 (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 29 Jun, 2021
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Dell E-Commerce came to recruit from out University. Only the candidates scoring above 80 percent in class 12th and class 10th and securing a cgpa above 8 were eligible to s it for the online written test. The CTC showed in ppt was around 8 lacs. 

Online Written test- It had 3 sections. 
Aptitude-It consisted of around 15 questions which were pretty easy. Around 11 questions were quantitative aptitude and remaining 4 were logical (seating arrangement type question). A total time of 20 minutes was allotted for it which was pretty enough. Almost everyone scored good in Aptitude Technical-Around 35-40 technical questions were there. Questions were mainly from Networking, OS, DBMS(mainly queries), Stack , Bubble Sorting, and 2-3 output based question. I dont exactly remember the time allotted for this section but time allotted was enough. All questions were theory based. This section is very important as many student failed to score good here. JAVA/C++- This section was tough. Its the most important section. 
Around 7 questions were from here and time allotted was 15 minutes. Time was enough. If you select JAVA then be prepared with Multi threading concept I personally found c++ to be easy. Remember once you choose one language, then you cant switch to the other. Around 50 students were selected out of 230 students. The rate is pretty high. 
The result was out after 2-3 hours and all other rounds happened that day so be prepared with your projects and all. 

1st Technical round. 
There were around 4-5 panels. What surprised me is that a total of 5 members came for recruitment but only 1 out of them had technical 
knowledge and asked technical questions and rest all were simply managers. So those managers were taking technical round without having any technical skills and the most disappointing thing was that students who were first in the queue were only selected for next round. In my case, he asked me nothing. He just talked to me. I was forcing him to ask me technical question but he didnt ask any and rejected me without asking any technical question. So I suggest you guys to be first in the queue. They were here for numbers. 

2nd Technical round- 
In this round some technical questions were asked to the lucky ones but for the other it was more or less similar to 1st technical round. Again it was also like “come-first-get-selected” . 

HR Round- It was like a normal HR where questions like where do you live, what does you father do, what are your hobbies etc were asked. Remember that around 50% were even shortlisted in HR round. 

Finally around 15 were selected out of 50. 

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