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DELL EMC Interview Experience for Remote Systems Engineer

  • Last Updated : 12 Feb, 2021

The entire hiring process consisted of 6 rounds.

First Round: This was the online exam. We had 15 Aptitude and 35 Technical MCQ. The Aptitude Section was easy and the technical sections included questions from Basic Computer Architecture, Storage Network Architectures, and Redundant Array of Independent Disks concepts. It also included a few OS and Computer Networks related problems.

Second Round: This was an Elevator pitch round. In this round, we have to speak for 2 minutes. 1 minute to talk about Self-Introduction and motivation to join Dell Technologies. The other 1 minute for a topic which the panel members would give. The topics were really generic and, on a few occasions, students were asked to talk about their favorite subject. The panel consisted of 2 members. I was given the topic “Go Green Initiative”.

Third Round: This was a Use Cases round where the students are mailed a Mock Customer problem statement 15 minutes prior to the round. The mailed pdf document consists of all the instructions along with Glossary, Assessment Statement and finally, we have to make a PPT for supporting our Sales Pitch keeping in mind all the business rules mentioned in the instructions. The round lasts for 1.5 hours after which we have to submit our PPTs to a Google link. The PPT should have 3 slides, First slide should be about the Customer (Market share, Number, and Figures), 2nd Slide should have the Asset/Customer Inventory Report (Use bar graphs, tables, chart) and the products which might be an Opportunity of Sale for us, 3rd slide should consist of Solution or the approach which we take in convincing the customer using the resources provided to us, such as Demos, Proof of Concept (POC)., etc.

Fourth Round: This was Solution Defense Round, in this round we have to present our Sales Pitch to the Panel consisting of three members from the Dell Presales Business Unit. Lots of questions are asked per slide based on decisions we make and the way of PPT presentation which we put forward, starting from the Customer information to Solution which we present to panel. This round also consists of few Technical questions from the topics which are mentioned in the first paragraph of the article. The interviewers don’t follow a constant pattern for questioning students with regards to Technical questions but, yet its in the best interest of candidates to prepare for them as well. Towards the end, one of the panel members explains to us the role and responsibilities of the job position.

Fifth Round: This is the Managerial Interview, which consisted of two-panel members. They asked about me and my family. Most of the questions were focused on my characteristics and reaction to a certain situation in which I am put. Though, the primary questions they asked were:

  • Why do you think you will be fit for such a role?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • What are your plans for higher studies?
  • What makes you unique from other candidates who are lined up for this job?

     The main focus was on a candidate’s personality and the way I reacted if the questions are structured differently. The panel members were very polite and the interview ended on a positive note.

Sixth Round: This was the HR interview, the interviewer asked me about my motivation for doing projects and about my Community Outreach Programs which I had undertaken during my college life. The questions also included the responsibilities which I had undertaken professionally in academics or extra-curricular activities. The interviewer also talked about my parents and the people who I idolize in life. Similarly, many questions were personal life based and the Interview process was complete.  

Overall, the hiring process was a fresh experience and all the panelists across the rounds were very friendly and polite.

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