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Delhivery interview experience | Set 2

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Delhivery interview experience two tech round and one HR round.

Written test :
There were two coding questions on hackerearth platform and 39 MCQ related to data analysis.
Level of coding questions was not easy.

Round 1 :
Q.1 Tell me about yourself.
Q.2 which is your favourite subject ?
then they asked me about my subject and other interested field also.
Q.3 Written Round question was asked me again and they told me to optimize .

Q.4 They asked me to solve coding question
i told them DP and recursive way , they told me one other way also , so i use bfs and solve uniweighted undirected graph shortest path.

Q.5 Coidng question they asked me related to strings.
Suppose we have string like “111122223333444455” and i want to make equal frequency of each number(integer) with maximum one deletion and two insertion and make equal length increasing sequence .
Ex : 1111 , 2222, 3333 , 4444, 55 they are decimal numbers . so i want to make equal frequency, if i delete one number so 111, 2222,3333,4444,55 not a valid string. So I make 12345 , 12345,12345 ,12345 and make increasing sequence ( insert two 5 ) .

Round 2 :
Q.1 They asked me about my favourite subject from feedback from first round.
Q.2 They asked me about my projects and intern projects .

Q.3 One Real time scenario in which we have chessboard but not 8×8 , it is 4×4 . We have one
postman at top right side of board and he wants to send message pkts to cell (x,y) any random position on
board. Their are many packets and he wants to send each with minimum time and distance so how he does ?
they asked me to code for that .
i approach three solutions :
i. It is Real time so i use routing protocol analogy.
ii. i code with minimum cost path.
iii. Dijkstra algorithm with some modification .

Q.4 They asked me about threads (many to many ) and user level and kernel level threads.

Q.5 Coding question related to overlapping rectangle.
My approach is flood fill algorithm ( octatwise)

Q.6 You have string “abcd@gh$bn*/”ghgkl” with char mix with alphabets .
expected output is : “lkgh@gn$bh*/”gdcba”
time complexity O(n) , space O(1)

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Last Updated : 26 Sep, 2017
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