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Defect prevention Role and Responsibility of Team

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Defect is a flaw that can cause a very harmful situation in different phases or stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Defect Prevention (DP) is basically a process of simply identifying defects, and their root causes, and taking appropriate measures to prevent them from re-occurrence in further processes and the future. It also ensures that defects get resolved at an early stage rather than a later stage. Root cause analysis is one of the best methods to identify and resolve defects or errors. 

Roles and responsibilities of the Team : 
To perform DP, different groups are generally involved. These groups have different responsibilities as per requirement. They are responsible to maintain software quality by performing major tasks after all quality product is the main aim. Therefore, quality assurance is a very important aspect of SDLC. The major tasks of different teams are given below :

  1. Role of Manager :
    • Manages all activities of the development group.
    • Provide support and guidance to increase productivity to succeed in defect prevention management.
    • Set some goals in order to complete work in a given period of time.
    • Provide resources that are required, some training to team members, and various tools that are required for the successful development of software products.
    • Make cultural changes if required.
  2. Role of Testers :
    • Identify data if present.
    • Develop and maintain defect reports that include information on the defect that is being identified.
    • Update defect report on a regular basis to avoid any issue and problem.
    • Review design to check against customers’ requirements.
    • Code review for validating design and implementation of features.
    • Plan implementation of change.
  3. Role of Clients :
    • Feedback from clients because the faster the developers receive feedback, much faster they will fix issues that are arising.
    • Must control budget for software development.
    • Provide development requirements.
Last Updated : 17 Nov, 2022
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