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DeepVision INC Interview Experience SDE-2

  • Last Updated : 04 Sep, 2019

Round 1:

  1. Questions regarding career aspirations and personal interests. Pitched own company and     problem they are trying to solve.

Round 2:

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  1. BFS in network, find first node with property
  2. DFS : Print all paths to all nodes with property


Round 3:



Round 4:

  1. A version of this:


    Probability question: ant can go right with probability p and left with 1-p. At each interval, the ant can only 1 step. What is the probability that the ant will remain at the origin at time t=n. 

    Basically find P(x=0| t=N). Ans = (nCn/2) p^(n/2)q^(n/2).


    2.Transpose the last 2 dimensions of higher order matrix. Eg: a Matrix of dimension M[200][200][200][200].

    Transpose in such a way that M[][][34][97] can be found in M[][][97][34].

    1. Solve Fibonacci recurrence relation
    2. Explain Convolutional Neural Network


    Round 5:

    Hiring Manager Round

    Work Culture, Why leaving current Company


    Result: Offered

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