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Decrypt PDF using Java

Last Updated : 02 Nov, 2020
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We can Decrypt any PDF using Java by using the external library PDFBox. We can Decrypt and remove the Access Permission from any PDF using JAVA, but we must remember the Owner Password of the PDF to Decrypt it, otherwise, we can not decrypt it.


In this program, you will see how you can take an encrypted PDF file as input and how you can decrypt it to access or to read the PDF file.  You will see the PDFBox library used for the following procedure.

Input   : Encrypted PDF file
Output  : Decrypted PDF file 

Maven Dependency for PDFBox :


Steps to Decrypt a PDF

1. Load the PDF Document

Load the PDF file using load() static method (we can access it by using the class name) of class PDDocument. The load() method will accept the PDF file as a parameter. Here Owner Password is compulsory otherwise we can not Decrypt it.

File f = new File("path_of_PDFfile");
PDDocument pdd = PDDocument.load("object_of_file","Owner_password");

2. Call ‚ÄúsetAllSecurityToBeRemoved(bool)‚ÄĚ method

After loading PDF file call setAllSecurityToBeRemoved(bool) method using object of PDDocument class. It will remove the Access Permission from PDF and allow all users to access it. In setAllSecurityToBeRemoved(bool) pass boolean(True/False) as a parameter. Pass true if we want to perform Decryption operation otherwise false. 


3. Save and Close File

After Decrypting the PDF save and close the file to make a change in it."path_of_PDFfile");

Executable Code to Decrypt PDF: 


import org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.PDDocument;
import org.apache.pdfbox.pdmodel.encryption.StandardDecryptionMaterial;
public class Decrypt_pdf {
    public static void main(String[] args)
        throws IOException
        // select a file for Decryption operation
        File file = new File("D:\\Bluetooth\\Encrypted.pdf");
        // Load the PDF file
        PDDocument pdd = PDDocument.load(file, "12345");
        // removing all security from PDF file
        // Save the PDF file;
        // Close the PDF file
        System.out.println("Decryption Done...");


Decryption Done...

Let’s have a look at the given below screenshots for a better understanding and you will see how you can decrypt the given PDF file and access to read it.  In this screenshot, you will see a PDF encrypted file that is password protected which means you simply need permission or password to grant access to the PDF file. 

#Before Decryption

Once you entered the correct password then you will be able to access and read the PDF file. Now, If you want to decrypt it by using Java code then you need to write code as shown and need to execute the following program as shown in the screenshot given below.

#Code snippet

Now, After the successful execution of the above program then you don’t need any password to access the PDF file which means your PDF file is decrypted now and you can directly access and read it.

#After Decryption


Here is the video where you will see the decryption procedure and you will see exactly how it will work. So, in this way you can change access permission of any PDF which will allow all users to access it easily.  

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