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Decimal.Truncate() Method in C#
  • Last Updated : 17 Feb, 2019

This method is used to get the integral digits of the specified Decimal by discarding any fractional digits. This method rounds the specified value to the nearest whole number by removing the digits after the decimal point.

Syntax: public static decimal Truncate (decimal d);
Here, d is the decimal number which is to be truncated.

Return Value: It returns the result of d rounded toward zero, to the nearest whole number.


// C# program to demonstrate the
// Decimal.Truncate(Decimal) Method
using System;
class GFG {
    // Main Method
    public static void Main()
        try {
            // Taking decimal variables
            // having fractional part
            Decimal dec1 = 214748.78549M;
            Decimal dec2 = 21458565.2996m;
            // using Decimal.Truncate(Decimal) Method
            Decimal val1 = Decimal.Truncate(dec1);
            // using Decimal.Truncate(Decimal) Method
            Decimal val2 = Decimal.Truncate(dec2);
            // Printing the Integral part only
            Console.WriteLine("The integral part of "+
                                "dec1 is: {0}", val1);
            Console.WriteLine("The integral part of "+
                                "dec2 is: {0}", val2);
        catch (OverflowException e) {
            Console.Write("Exception Thrown: ");
            Console.Write("{0}", e.GetType(), e.Message);
The integral part of dec1 is: 214748
The integral part of dec2 is: 21458565


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