DealerSocket Interview Experience | Walk-in Drive

There were 3 rounds :
1. Coding Round
2. Aptitude Round
3. F2F Interview

Round 1:

Coding questions were given (Programming languages: Java, C#, JS)
Q1. Given a deck of card, two players are playing, find the number of times player A wins.
Order of cards -> Ace, K, Q, J, T, 9, 8, 7, .., 2
If A = 5AJ72K and B = 7TQKJ3 then A won :
5 Looses -> 0
A > T -> Win -> 1
J Looses -> 0
7 Looses -> 0
2 Looses -> 0
K > 3 -> Win -> 1

A wons 2 times.

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