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DE Shaw Interview Questions

Last Updated : 17 Jan, 2024
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Navigate the world of DE Shaw & Co., a renowned global investment and technology development firm headquartered in New York City. Since its founding, DE Shaw, which specializes in a range of financial services such as hedge funds, private equity, and proprietary trading, has been a trailblazer in the finance sector. DE Shaw has offices thoughtfully placed all around the world, offering a wide range of financial solutions along with a dedication to innovation. Here, we have curated a list of some important interview questions to help you ace your DE Shaw interview.


DE Shaw Interview Questions

If you are preparing for a job interview at DE Shaw and want to increase your chances of getting the job, familiarizing yourself with common interview questions and preparing well-thought-out answers would be wise. This preparation might provide you with a clear advantage over the competition and raise the possibility that your job application will be accepted.

DE Shaw Interview Questions on DSA



Bitonic Point Solve
Smallest window in a string containing all the characters of another string Solve
Shortest Common Super-sequence Solve
Interleaved Strings Solve
Two Mirror Trees Solve
Height of Binary Tree Solve
Reverse a Linked List Solve 
Longest Common Sub-sequence Solve
Smallest positive missing number   Solve
Geek and its Game of Coins  Solve
Scrambled String Solve
0 1 Knapsack Solve 
Tarjan’s Algorithm Solve
Detect Loop in linked list  Solve
Trapping Rain Water Solve
Maximum path sum in matrix Solve
Search in a Rotated Array Solve
Array Removals Solve
Largest BST  Solve
Water Overflow Solve
Rotate by 90 degrees  Solve
Min Number of Flips  Solve 
Clone a linked list with next and random pointer Solve
Find Peak Element  Solve
Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock  Solve 
Longest Subarray With No Repetitions Solve 
Chocolate Distribution Problem  Solve 
Circular tour  Solve 
Sliding Window Maximum Solve
Trie | (Insert and Search)  Solve
Jump Game Solve 
Find the number of islands  Solve 
Intersection Point in Y Shapped Linked Lists  Solve 
Count distinct pairs with difference k  Solve
LCA Of Binary Tree  Solve 
Maximum difference of zeros and ones in binary string Solve
Print all nodes that don’t have sibling Solve 
Bottom View Of Binary Tree  Solve 
Kadane’s Algorithm  Solve 
Print Anagrams Together  Solve
Spirally traversing a matrix  Solve 
LRU Cache  Solve 
Count BST nodes that lie in a given range  Solve 
Climbing Stairs to reach at the top  Solve 
Alien dictionary  Solve 
Burning Tree  Solve
Longest Increasing Subsequence  Solve 
Inorder Tree Traversal  Solve  
Minimum Platforms Solve 
Topological sort  Solve
Nth Fibonacci Number  Solve 
Count the number of possible triangles  Solve 
Count More than n/k Occurences  Solve 
Rotten Oranges  Solve 
Decode the string  Solve 
QuickSort on Doubly Linked List  Solve 
Word Ladder  Solve 
Wildcard Pattern Matching  Solve 
Capacity To Ship Packages Within D Days  Solve 
Missing number in array  Solve 

DE Shaw Interview Questions on OS

The operating system is a type of system software. In essence, it oversees every resource on the computer. An operating system serves as an interface between software and other computer hardware components.

DE Shaw Interview Questions on Computer Networks

A computer network is a system that connects multiple separate computers so that they can exchange information (data) and resources. The integration of computers and other gadgets allows users to converse more effortlessly.

DE Shaw Interview Questions on DBMS and SQL

A database management system is a piece of technology or software that helps with data management. A few well-known databases are MongoDB, Oracle, MySQL, and so forth. Numerous operations, such as building a database, storing data in the database, updating an existing database, and deleting data from the database, are provided by DBMSs.

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