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DE Shaw Interview Experience
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 10 Feb, 2020

This round consists of two coding questions and some MCQ’s from subjects (DBMS, OS, CN).
Coding questions were of medium level but the MCQ’s are of hard level and aptitude questions were also included.


This round starts with the project discussion and then two coding questions were asked:-


I have to write the code and tell the corner cases along with the explanation of STL libraries and data structures I used so far in the code.

They booked the flight tickets and made all the staying arrangements. That was a wonderful experience and DE SHAW campus is really awesome guys!.
There were two rounds, all were elimination round.

They asked some basic time complexity questions and moved to subjects.
ACID properties in DBMS and some were the SQL queries based on joins and nested query, so well prepared for that.

Then they asked how the c program runs, starting from #include to the memory management(stack & heap), how I/O operations are handled and what are system calls, storage class, general-purpose registers, linker, loader and then b+ trees and how they are related to databases.
One coding question was asked based on strings.

In this round, subjects were asked but in depth.
what is IPC, there working in terms of OS, scheduling, memory management, deadlock?
Real-life examples of the stack, queue.
How does chrome tabs works, in terms of thread and process communication?
Generate a random function without extra space.

with and without duplicate.

find the frequency of characters in a file.
Unicode characters are there instead of ASCII characters only.
Without the use of hash and map.
and if they are used, how they handle the collision

Personal Advice
Prepare subjects in-depth, cracking the DE Shaw interview is not possible just by reading the short articles one night before.
They ask the questions in-depth.

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