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DE Shaw Internship Experience (On campus)
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 06 Aug, 2018

Online Round:

First round consisted of one coding question:

There is an array of pile of  chocolates, in every iteration Ayushi chose pile with maximum number of chocolates, after that square root of chocolate remains and rest is  eaten by Ayushi. After k iterations find number of chocolates remaining.

It also had 26 MCQs from DBMS, OS, Technical, Aptitude, etc.

From about 200 students 13 were selected for next round.

Round 2(F2F):

We were asked to fill a form in which we had to mention our favourite subjects, I mentioned OOP, DS and DBMS.

I was asked questions from all these subjeects like:

1.OOP features with description of each of them with example.

2.I was given a relation by interviewer and was asked to normalize it with explanation of each normal form.

3.Then I was asked a SQL query on that table  itself.

Then they asked me what else  I had in my curriculum and then asked questions from Computer  Architecture, Networks and so on.

I was asked 5 horses puzzle and had to find top 5 horses.

At last, they asked me whether I had any questions for them.

From 13 students about 5 students were  selected for next round.

Round 3(F2F):

This was the final round.

I was asked again OOP concepts and some questions from DBMS.

I was asked about my hobbies.

In the end I was asked a puzzle, which I was unable to answer.The puzzle was, there is a square shaped building surrounded by a boundary with 1m gap in between, filled with water.We have two planks of length 1m how  can we cross the surrounding water to enter the building.

Answer is, we have to place the plank at the corner in T  shape.

I was not selected.

In my opinion, for DE Shaw it is necessary to  have a project, and one should have in depth knowledge of all the subjects.

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