DBS Technical Associate Hiring Experience 2020

DBS organizes an event Hack2Hire Campus every year to recruit freshers.
Round 1: It was an online round on HackerRank. This is a filtering round conducted online which consists of 2 coding questions with some MCQs.

  • Basic problem-solving kind question
  • Simple problem based on dynamic programming (Maximum sum).
  • There are around 20 MCQs based on various Computer Science Concepts.
  • Around 180 people were shortlisted for the onsite Hackathon in DBS AsiaHub2 in Hyderabad out of around 4000 people.

Round 2: It is a 5-hour hackathon which will be based on building a Web application. This is simple but requires teamwork and good knowledge of Web technologies. A mentor is assigned to each table wherein you’ll be a part of a team of 5 or 6. The mentors basically assess your teamwork, contributions, and nature. The mentor finally selects some of the students in the team to proceed to the final interview round. The Hackathon results do not affect these results. The Hackathon is a very good learning experience and you also stand a chance to win exciting goodies.

Round 3: The final shortlisted students now have to face the personal interviews. It is a 2 member panel that conducts less of a technical and more of an HR interview. It is a very non-conventional kind of interview and was a very great experience for me. Some questions that I was asked:

  • Questions related to my College projects.
  • Questions related to the Hackathon.
  • Questions related to your team in the Hackathon.
  • Questions about your background.
  • Any salary expectations?

The results are announced within 5 minutes of your interview and you are handed a offer letter.

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