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DataLabs Interview Experience for Fresher | Java Questions

  • Last Updated : 07 Aug, 2019

Technical Round:

Company Name : DataLabs

  1. Write a java program to convert char Array to String?
  2. Write a java program to reverse a words in a string?
  3. Write a java program to check a given number is Even or Odd?
  4. Write a java program to find duplicate element in ArrayList?
  5. Write a java program to convert String to Double?
  6. Write a java program to retriving the elements using Iterator?
  7. Write a java Program to connecting database ? Entire Steps?
  8. Write a java program for exception handling of various exception like ArithmeticException, IndexOutOfBoundException ?
  9. Write a program to check whether  a given element exists in HashSet ?
  10. Write a program to sort ArrayList in descending order?


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