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Database Management System – GATE CSE Previous Year Questions

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Solving GATE Previous Year’s Questions (PYQs) not only clears the concepts but also helps to gain flexibility, speed, accuracy, and understanding of the level of questions generally asked in the GATE exam, and that eventually helps you to gain good marks in the examination. Previous Year Questions help a candidate practice and revise for GATE, which helps crack GATE with a good score.

Database Management Systems Previous Year GATE Questions help in analyzing the question pattern of a subject and marking scheme as well as it helps in time management which overall increases the score in the GATE exam. With regular practice of PYQs, candidates can easily crack GATE with a good GATE Score.

Before 2006, questions asked in GATE were mainly theoretical, but in recent years, the questions asked were multiple-choice questions with a single correct option or multiple correct options. We are looking to provide the multiple-choice questions that are asked in GATE.

DBMS GATE Previous Year Questions

In this article, we are mainly focusing on the DBMS GATE Questions that are asked in Previous Years with their solutions, and where an explanation is required, we have also provided the reason.

In Database Management System, we will deal with the following concepts. We have also provided GATE Previous Year’s Questions on these topics. Here is the list of those topics along with their links.

Below mentioned are the links to the Database Management Systems PYQ’s pages. On each page, you will get the questions asked in DBMS along with the years asked.

GATE DBMS Previous Year Questions
Database Management Systems | Set 1,2 
Database Management Systems | Set 3
Database Management Systems | Set 4
Database Management Systems | Set 5
Database Management Systems | Set 6
Database Management Systems | Set 7
Database Management Systems | Set 8
Database Management Systems | Set 9
Database Management Systems | Set 10

Also, here we are going to discuss some basic PYQs related to Database Management Systems.

1. Which one of the options given below refers to the degree (or arity) of relation in relational database systems? [GATE CSE 2023]

(A) Number of attributes of its relation schema.

(B) Number of tuples stored in the relation.

(C) Number of entries in the relation.

(D) Number of distinct domains of its relation schema.

Solution: Correct Option is (A)

2. In a relational data model, which one of the following statements is TRUE? [GATE CSE 2022]

(A) A relation with only two attributes is always in BCNF.

(B) If all attributes of a relation are prime attributes, then the relation is in BCNF.

(C) Every relation has at least one non-prime attribute.

(D) BCNF decompositions preserve functional dependencies.

Solution: Correct Option is (A)

For more, refer to GATE | CS 2022 | Question 14.

3. Which one of the following is used to represent the supporting many-one relationships of a weak entity set in an entity-relationship diagram? [GATE CSE 2020]

(A) Diamonds with double/bold border

(B) Rectangles with double/bold border

(C) Ovals with double/bold border

(D) Ovals that contain underlined identifiers

Solution: Correct Option is (A)

For more, refer to GATE | GATE CS 2020 | Question 24.

4. A prime attribute of a relation scheme R is an attribute that appears [GATE CSE 2014]

(A) in all candidate keys of R.

(B) in some candidate keys of R.

(C) In a foreign key of R.

(D) only in the primary key of R.

Solution: Correct Option is (B)

For more, refer to GATE | GATE-CS-2014-(Set-3) | Question 65.

5. Given the basic ER and relational models, which of the following is INCORRECT? [GATE CSE 2012]

(A) An attribute of an entity can have more than one value.

(B) An attribute of an entity can be composite.

(C) In a row of a relational table, an attribute can have more than one value.

(D) In a row of a relational table, an attribute can have exactly one value or a NULL value.

Solution: Correct Option is (C)

For more, refer to GATE | GATE CS 2012 | Question 14.

GATE CSE Previous Year Question Papers

These previous year’s questions help you in understanding the question patterns followed by GATE that directly help a candidate in scoring good marks in GATE. Below are the mentioned links of year-wise GATE Previous Question Papers.

20232023 Paper2023 Answer Keys
20222022 Paper2022 Answer Keys
20212021 Set 1 Paper2021 Set 1 Key
2021 Set 2 Paper2021 Set 2 Key
20202020 Paper2020 Keys
20192019 Paper2019 Keys
20182018 Paper2018 Keys
20172017 Set 1 Paper2017 Set 1 Keys
2017 Set 2 Paper2017 Set 2 Keys
20162016 Set 1 Paper2016 Set 1 Keys
2016 Set 2 Paper2016 Set 2 Keys
20152015 Set 1 Paper2015 Set 1 Keys
2015 Set 2 Paper2015 Set 2 Keys
2015 Set 3 Paper2015 Set 3 Keys
20142014 Set 1 Paper2014 Set 1 Keys
2014 Set 2 Paper2014 Set 2 Keys
2014 Set 3 Paper2014 Set 3 Keys
20132013 Paper2013 Keys
20122012 Paper2012 Keys
20112011 Paper2011 Keys

Last Updated : 19 May, 2023
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