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Database Backup from MySQL

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Here, The database creating now a day is very important for daily work. The database creates from the MySQL that can be transferred from one system to another and also make it secure from the destroy. Sometimes the system gets corrupted by some faults, so the created database is clear. So there is an option to create a backup of a database from the MySQL wamp server. The following is the step to create the backup from the wamp server:
  1. Go to the c drive.
  2. Open the Wamp server name folder.
  3. Open the folder named bin, then open folder the MySQL.
  4. Now open the folder mysql5.7.19 (here, 5.7.19 is the version of the wamp server, there is some different version but you should go on that folder only).
  5. Then again open the bin folder.
  6. Then on the upper, on the address section just type CMD and Enter.
Then there is command prompt open with the address of the following step you follow. Then type,
mysqldump -u root -p harshitdb >harshitbackup.sql 
Here, the harshitdb mean the harshit is the database name which created and the db means database. after that, it creates the database and that you be to share and that was save from corrupted or from loss. There is following address link to open the cmd (command prompt)
C:\wamp\bin\mysql\mysql5.7.19\bin>mysqldump -u root -p harshitdb > harshitbackup.sql 
Then press enter.

Last Updated : 19 Nov, 2019
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