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Data transfer instructions in 8085 microprocessor

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 17 May, 2021

Data transfer instructions are the instructions which transfers data in the microprocessor. They are also called copy instructions. 

Following is the table showing the list of logical instructions: 

MOVRd, RsRd = RsMOV A, B
MOVRd, MRd = McMOV A, 2050
MOVM, RsM = RsMOV 2050, A
MVIRd, 8-bit dataRd = 8-bit dataMVI A, 50
MVIM, 8-bit dataM = 8-bit dataMVI 2050, 50
LDA16-bit addressA = contents at addressLDA 2050
STA16-bit addresscontents at address = ASTA 2050
LHLD16-bit addressdirectly loads at H & L registersLHLD 2050
SHLD16-bit addressdirectly stores from H & L registersSHLD 2050
LXIr.p., 16-bit dataloads the specified register pair with dataLXI H, 3050
LDAXr.p.indirectly loads at the accumulator ALDAX H
STAX16-bit addressindirectly stores from the accumulator ASTAX 2050
XCHGnoneexchanges H with D, and L with EXCHG
PUSHr.p.pushes r.p. to the stackPUSH H
POPr.p.pops the stack to r.p.POP H
IN8-bit port addressinputs contents of the specified port to AIN 15
OUT8-bit port addressoutputs contents of A to the specified portOUT 15

In the table, 
R stands for register 
M stands for memory 
r.p. stands for register pair

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