Data transfer instructions in 8085 microprocessor

Data tranfer instructions are the instructions which transfers data in the microprocessor. They are also called copy instructions.

Following is the table showing the list of logical instructions:

MOV Rd, Rs Rd = Rs MOV A, B
MOV Rd, M Rd = Mc MOV A, 2050
MOV M, Rs M = Rs MOV 2050, A
MVI Rd, 8-bit data Rd = 8-bit data MVI A, 50
MVI M, 8-bit data M = 8-bit data MVI 2050, 50
LDA 16-bit address A = contents at address LDA 2050
STA 16-bit address contents at address = A STA 2050
LHLD 16-bit address directly loads at H & L registers LHLD 2050
SHLD 16-bit address directly stores from H & L registers SHLD 2050
LXI r.p., 16-bit data loads the specified register pair with data LXI H, 3050
LDAX r.p. indirectly loads at the accumulator A LDAX H
STAX 16-bit address indirectly stores from the accumulator A STAX 2050
XCHG none exchanges H with D, and L with E XCHG
PUSH r.p. pushes r.p. to the stack PUSH H
POP r.p. pops the stack to r.p. POP H
IN 8-bit port address inputs contents of the specified port to A IN 15
OUT 8-bit port address outputs contents of A to the specified port OUT 15

In the table,
R stands for register
M stands for memory
r.p. stands for register pair

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