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Data Structures | Queue | Question 2

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Which one of the following is an application of Queue Data Structure?


When a resource is shared among multiple consumers.


When data is transferred asynchronously (data not necessarily received at same rate as sent) between two processes


Load Balancing


All of the above

Answer: (D)


(A) When a resource is shared among multiple consumers: In scenarios where a resource (such as a printer, CPU time, or database connection) needs to be shared among multiple consumers or processes, a queue data structure can be used. Each consumer can enqueue their requests for the resource, and the resource can be allocated to them in the order of their requests by dequeuing from the queue. This ensures fair access to the shared resource and prevents conflicts or resource contention.

(B) When data is transferred asynchronously between two processes: When data is transferred asynchronously between two processes or systems, a queue can be used as a buffer or intermediary storage. One process enqueues the data to be sent, while the other process dequeues and processes the received data. The queue allows for decoupling the rate of data production from data consumption, ensuring smooth and efficient communication between the processes.

(C) Load Balancing: Load balancing is the practice of distributing workloads across multiple resources to optimize performance and utilization. A queue data structure can be used in load-balancing algorithms to manage incoming requests or tasks. The requests are enqueued in the queue, and the load balancer can dequeue and assign them to available resources based on various criteria (e.g., round-robin, least connections). This helps distribute the workload evenly across the resources, preventing overload and maximizing throughput.

Hence (D) is the correct option. 

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Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2013
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