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Algorithms | Graph Traversals | Question 12

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The Breadth First Search algorithm has been implemented using the queue data structure. One possible order of visiting the nodes of the following graph is 










Answer: (C)


Option (A) is MNOPQR. It cannot be a BFS as the traversal starts with M, but O is visited before N and Q. In BFS all adjacent must be visited before adjacent of adjacent. Option (B) is NQMPOR. It also cannot be BFS, because here, P is visited before O. (C) and (D) match up to QMNP. We see that M was added to the queue before N and P (because M comes before NP in QMNP). Because R is M\’s neighbor, it gets added to the queue before the neighbor of N and P (which is O). Thus, R is visited before O.

Hence (C) is the correct answer.

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Last Updated : 15 Nov, 2018
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