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Dart – Comments

  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 21 Jul, 2020
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In every programming language comments play an important role for a better understanding of the code in the future or by any other programmer. Comments are a set of statements that are not meant to be executed by the compiler. They provide proper documentation of the code. 

Types of Dart Comments: 

  1. Dart Single line Comment. 
  2. Dart Multiline Comment. 
  3. Dart Documentation Comment. 

1. Dart Single line Comment: Dart single line comment is used to comment a line until line break occurs. It is done using a double forward-slash (//). 

// This is a single line comment. 



int main() 
  double area = 3.14 * 4 * 4; 
  // It prints the area
  // of a circle of radius = 4 
return 0; 




2. Dart Multi-Line Comment: Dart Multiline comment is used to comment out a whole section of code. It uses ‘/*’ and ‘*/’ to start and end a multi-line comment respectively. 


These are 

multiple line 

of comments 




int main() 
  var lst = [1, 2, 3]; 
  It prints 
  the whole list 
  at once 
return 0; }



[1, 2, 3]

3. Dart Documentation Comment: Dart Documentation Comments are a special type of comment used to provide references to packages, software, or projects.Dart supports two types of documentation comments “///”(C# Style) and “/**…..*/”(JavaDoc Style). It is preferred to use “///” for doc comments as many times * is used to mark list items in a bulleted list which makes it difficult to read the comments. Doc comments are recommended for writing public APIs. 

/// This is 

/// a documentation 

/// comment 



bool checkEven(n){ 
  /// Returns true
  /// if n is even 
      return true
  /// Returns fakse if n is odd 
      return false; } 
int main() 
  int n = 43; 
  return 0; 




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