Danske IT On-Campus Placement

Online Round 1: The placement procedure began with an online test comprising of technical MCQ’s and coding (C++/Java/C#).

Online Round 2: Students who cleared the online test were shortlisted for another 12 minutes online test comprising of aptitude. The test had 60 questions which were to be answered in 12 minutes.

Technical Interview I: Students who cleared the second online test were called for the interviews. First technical interview was mostly resume based with questions pertaining to academic projects and their explanations which went on for around 30 minutes.

Technical Interview II: Students who cleared the first technical interview were called for another technical interview and were asked questions based on in-depth concepts of Data Structures and Algorithms, SQL, etc.

HR Round: Students who survived the second technical interview were called for an HR round of interview.

Psychometric Test: After the HR round, the candidates had to appear for online psychometric test comprising of 56 questions based on teamwork, situation analysis, etc.

After half an hour, results were announced.


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