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Danske IT Interview Experience | On-Campus

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  • Last Updated : 06 Sep, 2021
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Company Name: Danske IT

Round 1: Preliminary Shortlisting on CGPA (8.0 and above)

Round 2: This had 3 sections. First had 10 MCQ from CS Fundamentals like Operating Systems, SQL queries, Data Structures, and Sorting Algorithms

Second Section comprised of 2 coding questions :

  2. Count words, characters from Sentence

Third Section:

  • 10 MCQ from Java/C#.
  • I choose java. Mcqs were related to Collections, Exception Handling, Oops, and Input/Output.

Round 2: Logics Test.

  • We had to solve 50 questions related to Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal, And Abstract Reasoning in 12 minutes. The key factor here was speed and accuracy.
  • I was selected for interviews after this round.

Round 3: Technical Interview 1

The interviewer was quite friendly. He started with a brief introduction about myself and then asked the following questions:

  • Difference between RAM and ROM
  • Normalization in Databases
  • Difference between SQL and NO-SQL with examples and further discussion on how we query them
  • Tell me how we handle exceptions in Java Try Catch, Throw and Throws
  • As I mentioned I was learning Django he asked about basic architecture and the difference between Authentication and Authorization.
  • About my Android Project and why I could not deploy that and how many releases I made.
  • Difference between Linear and Binary Search.
  • Asked code Fibonacci and Prime Number (Brute not Seive)
  • Whether I knew to React?  I said not presently but I would surely upskill myself
  • How a java program is compiled and then interpreted and the difference between compiler and interpreter?
  • What is Bootstrap?
  • What is a data structure and discussed on search insert delete and time complexities.

I was selected for the next technical + managerial interview

Round 4: TR+MR

The interviewer was quite friendly and well-spoken. Asked me to introduce myself then asked the following questions:

  • What is hashing, hashmap and how is it implemented in Java?
  • What is the Collections framework?
  • Tell me about your projects?
  • Which class acts as root/parent class for all java classes and why did sun/oracle people made so? Name few methods of that class?
  • He then switched to analytical questions:
  • Suppose there are 10 teams . How will you find a winner–>(Combination 10C2)
  • Spread of Virus Puzzle
  • Suppose I am developing an app for a client. If the app is getting crashed what will I do?
  • I said: The developer can check the log files and exceptions like a print stack trace to find the line or function which is responsible for the crash. He was impressed with my answer.
  • I was selected for further process

Round 5: It was a psychometric test that had 50 questions related to teamwork, ethics, and culture.

Round 6: HR Round 

The HR asked to introduce me, what I liked and disliked about the process, my skills, and what I like doing in my free time.

Result: Selected 

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