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Dangers of Artificial Intelligence

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 21 Nov, 2019

Before even starting to talk about Artificial Intelligence we have to know what is Intelligence? Well, Intelligence gets created in an object when it can recall its experiences and also use those experiences to function in the present time. But this is a somewhat philosophical definition. When it comes to the purely technical definition, Intelligence is defined as “The ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills”.

Now, there are many types of Artificial Intelligence. But mainly we talk about only two types of intelligence as all other types of Artificial Intelligence are a subset of one of these two main types. These two types of intelligence are:

  • Narrow Artificial Intelligence
  • General Artificial intelligence

Normally when the topic of Artificial Intelligence comes up, we think of only some narrow applications of Intelligence. Some applications of these types of intelligence can be:

  • Playing a chess game
  • Controlling traffic signals
  • Driving a car

and many other such specific applications. For all these applications, the intelligence was given a specific direction in which the system will obtain the knowledge which is only related to that field. So, it will have no choice of thinking out of that specific framework. This type of Intelligence is also called as ‘Narrow Artificial Intelligence’.

The Problem comes up with ‘General Artificial Intelligence’ which is one of the many types of Artificial Intelligence. It is provided with knowledge about many sorts of fields and it is also completely open to learning new things by itself. General Artificial Intelligence can also learn new things through a trial and error method.

General Artificial Intelligence can go against Humans in the following ways:

  1. A Catastrophic Failure can occur if we give Autonomous control of weapons to Artificial Intelligence. There is a chance that such a massive intelligence can justify to itself that world peace can be obtained only by clearing out the human race. It could even start the next world war all by itself.
  2. Artificial Intelligence Failure can also happen if it is given a task to do but instead, it chooses a harsh path to do the same job. For example, if you set a destination for a self-driving car without taking care of any other factor, it will go to that place with a maximum speed by wreaking havoc over the place it goes.

So, the poor designing of Artificial Intelligence could lead to such havoc. Keeping all these things into consideration, artificial intelligence should be constructed meticulously with utmost care considering all the limits it should be kept under.

Basically an AI algorithm should be made in such a way that:

  • It never goes out of control
  • It gets Knowledge related to only a specific domain

From Voice Assistant to Self Driving Cars, artificial intelligence is progressing rapidly. Narrow Intelligence itself has crossed humans in many fields such as playing chess, controlling traffic, managing data, etc. For now, scientists have come to the level of creating a Narrow Intelligence which is a Low-Level AI. Though scientists are still aiming to create a General Intelligence which is a High-Level AI. This type of intelligence will have control over Massive data which could even lead to some catastrophic consequences. General Artificial Intelligence has the potential to cross humans in every cognitive task possible.

However, can never know a concrete way to compare Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence. Even if we try to compare Intelligence, we can get stuck on a simple question i.e. ‘On what factor can we compare two different forms of intelligence?’. This could be a hard question to answer. Due to this only reason, we can’t say whether Artificial Intelligence has already crossed Human Intelligence.

We may get the answer to all these questions and solve these problems now or just wait for the future to unfold on its own.

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