Dailyhunt Summer internship interview experience (on campus)

Round 1: There was an online round on hackerearth which had three coding question. People who solved at least two problem correctly were selected for next round. All three questions were easy.

First question was simply based on key and value pair which can be easily solved by map in c++ and hashmap in java.

second question was based on binary search. Given array of employee’s salary and query. Query contain two variable x and y. we have to find how many employee has salary between range of x and y.

third question : given n floor and there is ladder on every floor and we are at ground floor. we have to go to top floor using minimum ladder. see example for better understanding


3  2 3 1 1

answer : 2

currently we are on ground floor and there is ladder from which we can go to first, second and third floor.

from ground floor we will go to second floor. from second  we can got to 5th floor. so we have only used 2 ladders.

I solved all three question and selected for next round.

Round 2: This was a face to face round.First, Interviewer looked at my resume and asked me about my project. I started describing my project in English for first 1 and half minute then i stopped because i am uncomfortable with English and started explaining in Hindi.

Then he asked me question on competitive programming.
First question :  https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/swap-kth-node-from-beginning-with-kth-node-from-end-in-a-linked-list/ I solved question in O(n)

Second question : given sorted rotated array. array contain element from 1 to n. find index of element in array. I gave solution in O(1)

Then i was asked to write query  on database. given database of student attendance. Database contain student, date, present. present value will be 1 if student was present on that day. find the students who has attended maximum number of lecture.

then i he asked me did i know lru cache. I said no and he explained me the concept of lru cache and then asked me to implement using data structure.

Question: https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/lru-cache-implementation/

I gave him solution in O(n).

then i was selected for next round along with 6 other student.

Round 3: This was also face to face round. Interviewer first asked me about in which language i want to give interview and of course  i said Hindi.

First he asked me Tell me something about yourself. Then he asked whether i want to give an interview on competitive programming or on database. I said i knew both. so he asked me one competitive question and one database question.

First question: https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/find-missing-number-arithmetic-progression/

first i gave solution in O(n) then he asked me optimise it i did it in O(logn).

Second question was based on database. given database of gym system. which contain two table, member table and package type. member table contain the data of member name, member phone number and member’s package type and when member has bought package. package type contain package type, package validity. find member name  and member’s phone number whose package will expire in next seven days.

I successfully wrote the query and selected for summer internship.

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