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DailyHunt Interview Experience | On-Campus FTE – August 2019

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  • Last Updated : 28 Aug, 2019
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DailyHunt came our campus for profile of Associate Software Engineer.

Online Test:

The process begin with online test on hackerrank platform. 10 MCQ and 2 Coding questions were asked. MCQ covered basic CS fundamentals and Data structures, both coding questions asked were from Dynamic programming.

1. Given array of costs for coins denoted by index+1 and maximum cost. We need to select coins such that coins when appended make maximum number. Basically it was minimum coin change problem but with modification of selecting maximum number of coins instead of minimum.

2. Given a k-digit number in string and a integer. We need to find count of numbers formed by using digits from string which are divisible by the given integer. Basically we need to find all permutations divisible by given number

Out of all candidates 18 were selected for further interviews.

HR was super friendly and asked anyone want to go first.

Technical Round 1:

As I entered the Interview room, Interviewer asked me to sit as he goes through my resume.

The first thing he asked about is my experience in freelancing and internship, as i put them into experience section.

Next we discussed project.

Then he asked me questions on Data Structure:

1. Given a string find if it is palindrome or not? I gave quick answer to this so he modified and asked accept string if there is one extra character, I thought about this and came up with approach.

2. Given two nodes of BST find common ancestor.

3. Given matrix of 0’and and 1’s, a starting position (m, n), and a destination position (p, q). We can move from position in 4 directions [up, down, left, right] if the adjacent position have 1. Print if it is possible to travel from start to destination and print not possible if it is not possible. I thought about the approach and came up with recursive approach.

After every question interviewer asked me to write pseudo code for approach. He was checking my problem solving and logic building skills. Interviewer was really helpful and explained the questions thoroughly. Lastly he asked me if i have any questions for him, i asked about company and his job profile.

Round was approximately 30-45 min they asked me to wait for next round.

Technical Round 2:

This round started with Introduction, then some general questions on my Interests and Hobbies.

Then discussion moved on to Data Structure questions. 2 questions were asked and interviewer helped me to reduce its complexity.

1. Shuffle the given array of integers. Interviewer asked me to reduce complexity of my approach till O(n).

2. Given array of n integers positive as well as negative, find first missing positive integer. I gave multiple approaches from which he asked to choose optimal one, and incrementally modifying question step by step and asked me to modify my approach.

This round also pseudo code was asked.

Round was approximately 30-45 min. Interviewer and i discussed lot of things apart from question, he was really satisfied with my answers.


This round was quick and almost took 15 min.

HR asked general questions about my family, interests, hobbies, a question about what i liked about company from PPT.

Then she asked if i had any questions, I asked about job locations and environment.


I was asked to wait till Interview of all applicants were done.

At the end of the day they selected 7 students were selected and I was one of them 🙂

All Practice Problems for Dailyhunt !


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