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Dailyhunt Intern Interview Experience

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Dailyhunt visited our college in October – November 2018 to select summer intern for Software Engineer post from Btech, Mtech and Msc(IT).

There were total 3 rounds one based on Coding and others two were face to face interview.

Round 1: In first round there were total 3 coding question and no aptitude at all, all three question were very easy basically based on Implementations and DP. I did all three correct and got selected for Interview round.There total 20 people were selected for Interview round.

Round 2: Now main story begins :), I read some article on Geeksforgeeks about Interview experience of some companies, mine was completely different because Interviewer was pretty good at pointing out my words.

Interview was started with introduction of each other and what my interests are in. He then looked at my resume and suddenly saw that I wrote C, C++, Python as programming languages so He started with asking “what is difference between C and C++?” and asked me weather I knew Java or not? (I said little bit). and his next question was why I don’t know Java and why I am doing programming in C++? so these are basically question on languages I know.

Now, Second phase of interview, He gave me some problem and asked me to solve. He wanted me to write proper code and I did it correctly. He then again opened my resume and saw that I have done project on Tiny unix shell as part of our course (System and Software) so again he wanted me to write proper code for same but unfortunately I didn’t manage to do it (I did write partial correct code, But all signal handling part, system call part I could not done ) (I am pretty sure that It made bad impression of mine to him).

Last phase and toughest one, At that time I was in 5th semester so He told me to brief him about what courses on CS I have done so far?, and He conter questioned me one to two question in each of my reply to the answer. I firstly started saying that Introduction to programming in first sem. (He asked me to brief what I did in that course), then Data-structure in second sem (He again said same question, What we learned in this course?, but my luck was bad at that time and I don’t know why I say him that I learned Queue, Some heaps, stacks and some trees like AVL, Red Black tree, etc. He suddenly pointed out on  AVL and Red Black tree and It took me to 15-20 minutes to explain all the concepts of trees), then Designing of Algorithm in 3 sem, then System and Software in fourth sem (again I was asked to brief some concept of that course, and I did quite well), and then CNS, DBMS in current semester.(then he suddenly made one table and gave me problem and asked me to solve it with writing proper SQL query for that, I also did it) and In last He gave me scenario of browsing on internet and wanted me to explain How does it work?, what protocols does it use?, which transport layer protocol? and I think this is where I made my good impression in his mind, I explained all the concepts very well. and at last we were had a discussion on some DBMS topic.

This round was about 50-55 minute long.

After finishing of first round, I didn’t have any hope that I will select in next round or not.Total 7 people were selected for next round and fortunately one of them was me!!

Round 3:

Third round and last one was very chill, Interviewer wanted to see my problem solving skills, He gave me one table and one problem based on that table also asked me write SQL query for that, I did it correctly. Then He gave me two coding question, One based on linked list and one based on Array. I did both correctly and this is how my interview over.

This round was of about 50 minute long.


At the end they selected total 3 students but unfortunately i wasn’t one of them.

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Last Updated : 01 Nov, 2018
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