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Daffodil Software Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020
  • Last Updated : 16 Oct, 2020

The process includes 4-5 rounds. Each candidate clearing the round goes to the next round. One day was for the coding test and one day for 3 interviews – 2 technical and 1 HR.

Round 1: Round 1 was the coding round on HackerEarth. It consists of 3 programming questions of easy to medium difficulty. Most questions were on arrays and string. Each question carries 10 marks.

After this round, students with score  20+ out of 30 were called for Direct PI, whereas others had their 2nd coding round. I scored 20/30, thus was selected for the Direct PI round.

Round 2: This round focused on resume and basic programming skills. The interview started with an introduction and then questions about projects/internships mentioned in the resume. There were questions about the operating systems, OOPS, etc also. Towards the end of the interview, 3 coding questions were asked.

  1. Find the missing number.
  2. Print the given pattern.
  3. Swap without using the 3rd variable.

Round 3: This was the 2nd technical interview. It started with an introduction, followed by programming questions. The logic was supposed to be discussed and the code has to be optimised. 

  1. Reduce the given number to 1 by performing any of the 3 operations – divide by 2, add 1, subtract 1. 
  2. Find Nth ugly number.

Round 4: Final round was the HR round. Questions were like introduction apart from technical skills, what are you passionate about, etc. 

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