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D E Shaw Interview | Set 2

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  • Last Updated : 30 May, 2019
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Type : Off campus (Bangalore) (0-1 yr experience)
Role : Software Developer @ Hyderabad campus
Duration : 2 Days
Total Candidates : ~200

Split Up of Rounds

1) Online test (40 mins & 40 questions) | MCQ’S | .25 negative per question
Difficulty Level – Intermediate -> hard
20 Aptitude – Basic Quantitative Apt questions which they ask in CAT
20 Technical – C, C++ & JAVA related | Finding output | Basic Concepts | Finding bugs in the code

Approach – Need to be quick, if u have an idea make a guess, try to answer as many as possible
Number Remaining – ~100 students

2) Coding Round – 1 question | Give Algo/Code
Question – Find the next largest int of a given int such that it has same number of 1’s in binary
Answer – google it
A question which my friend got – Find max product subarray
Number Remaining – ~60 students

3) Interview with 2 from DeShaw ~45 mins
Very Cool guys, should have no issues

Questions –

1) Basic Explanation of a few important projects
2)Please go through your resume thoroughly, get all minute details of your projects right as most
of the questions, will be based out of ur project concepts
3) Define Normalisation, explain advantages/disadvantages / Clustered Index /Non Clustered Indexing
4) Balancing of Btrees / AVL trees
5) Write algo to mirror a given Binary Tree
6) String Matching Algos | Write pseudocode for KMP algo etc
7) Puzzle: Given a 7mt long gold bar, need to cut and give to the worker for 7 days (1 meter long)
|Max num of cut allowed =3 | This is a standard puzzle

4) Interview with a different guy ~ 30 mins | I had not studied | Screwed this up

Questions –

1) Intro about me
2) Why leaving existing job n stuff ?
3) Puzzles (3) – Solving the standard Hourglass puzzle | Count 7 mins
– The Hat puzzle ? who is wearing the black hat
– Tower of Hanoi Modification
4) OS concepts – Threading | Deadlocks | Paging | etc
5) Databases Questions – Transactions | ACID | etc
6) Code the Algorithm – LIS modified ,
Get the peak point in stock market data ,
Max sub array sum in circular array
Few more basic algos
7) C++ /JAVA questions

5) HR round – I did not make this round

Total Candidates selcted – I think 1 or 0

Tips :1) Get all project details in your resume
2) Go through all concepts used in yur projects (they will ask how to improve | why u used that method etc)
3) Learn basic concepts of C++ /JAVA /OS /DB /Algos
4) Questions wont be of any complicated topics
5) Even if you dont get the complete solution | Ur approach is valued

Hope this Helps !!!


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