D E Shaw Interview Experience | Set 22 (Off Campus)

Round 1 : Telephone + Codepair on Hackerrank

  • Started with what i did in internship
  • What was challenges faced
  • What challenging things have i handled till now
  • Being a web developer, which technologies i use

Coding question
Given an array, delete elements of array one by one. If you delete ‘n’, you will delete all occurrences of ‘n’ and you will score points equal to n*(frequency of n in array). Now after this operation, you have to delete all occurrences of (n-1) and (n+1) and score no points. Again choose a new element and repeat the process until array is empty.

  • Asked about the languages I am familiar with, so that he could ask me questions about that language. I told java and c++.
  • Then he asked to write hello world program in java without in syntactical error. Then asked about all keywords in that program: public, static, etc. Asked what is ‘system’, is it a class or object.
  • Asked to explain all access modifiers, and their scopes.
  • Asked about packages in java
  • Asked what will this give “println(typeof(this))” inside a class (its a pointer)
  • Asked if we can create a hashmap in C++ with a class as key’s datatype, asked to write program for it
  • Then he asked about technologies i work with:
    • NodeJS : is it single or multithreaded, how is it better than others
    • Javascript : what kind of language is it? : functional
    • Asked about mutable and immutable data types (strings are immutable and objects are immutable)
    • Gave a code and asked to predict output, based on above concept
    • Asked about dictionary in javascript

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