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D E Shaw Interview Experience | Set 19 (On-Campus)

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  1. Magnets are placed linearly, with each magnet to be considered as of point object. each magnet suffers force from its left sided magnets such that they repel it to the right and vice versa. All forces are repulsive. The force is inversely proportional to distance (1/d , d being the distance). Make a function as shown below that takes n as the number of magnets, and array of their distance from origin, which finds all the points along the linear line where net force is ZERO. Distance have to be calculated with precision of epsilon.

  2. Implement google’s autocorrect feature and suggest suitable data structure for it.
  3. Sort the elements of a stack recursively.
  4. Implement queue using stacks and stack using queues.
  5. Monty Hall Puzzle –
  6. Program to find amount of water in a given glass
  7. There is an m x n chessboard. The king is at position (i,j). What is the probability that on taking k steps, he will fall off the edge of the board.
    Hint : Use recursion
  8. Explain ACID properties and internal implementation of ACID properties in DBMS.
  9.  Normalization – with examples
  10. The probability that you cross a traffic junction in 5 minutes is p. What is the probability that you will cross it in 20 minutes?

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Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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