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D E Shaw Interview Experience | Set 19 (On-Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 01 May, 2017

Round 1

  • Too many questions on summer intern work and from there he picked a question- given a doubly linked list how can you make it modify so that the deletion takes place only from backend and user can insert the node only from frontend and cannot delete from frontend. I tried various possible solution using encapsulation but in the both were having smile as both knew its not the correct answer.
  • Next question-Difference bw data hiding and data abstraction.Every definition I told for data abstraction, He told its data hiding. And again bith ended this ques having laugh..:P
  • Next he asked what all courses do you like(this ques was asked in many interviews.)
  • Next He asked do you know TCP, how the connection is established , I answered this ques, He asked why 3way handshake why not 4…I told him 3 is necessary after that you can even do 100 times it doesnt matter. He asked why not 2..he was satisfied.
  • There were some other question too.WHy UDP exist and some other questions

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