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D E Shaw Interview Experience | Set 17 (Arcesium for 1 Yr & 8 Months Experienced)

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1st Round (2 hr)
1) About current work
2) OS -> factors to consider while designing an Operating system. followed by discussions on virtual memory, paging, thrashing, memory management.
3) Java -> Singleton pattern code, some basic questions,one problem related to constructor chaining.
4) Problem related to find suitable Data Structure for some problem -> answer was trie,Some more questions related to implementation , time complexity…
5) Find a pair whose sum equals X
      *in array : followed by What if all numbers can’t fit in main memory.
      *in a tree
      *then in a BST : different approaches were discussed.
6) Find missing number in an array of numbers in given range (different approaches)
7) Puzzle :25 horses, 5 tracks, 3 fastest

2nd round (1.5 hr)
1) Question similar to: Number of ways to reach bottom right in 2-D matrix
2) Minimum number of weights required to weigh 1 to N kgs of rice,given balance
           Ex: for 1 to 5? Ans : 3(1,2 and 4), for 1 to 10? Ans:(1,2,4 and 8)
3) Train schedule is given, find maximum number of platforms required at any point of time
4) Java generics
5) SQL query -> i told that,haven’t worked on DB after college, so no questions on that
6) About projects.As i worked on distributed systems,Some questions on scaling(Horizontal/vertical),fault tolerance etc…
7) Tree traversal. time and space complexities, considering stack frame, different situations (Skew tree, balanced(AVL tree)).
8) Most interesting thing (Algorithm/Tool/or anything in your past work) you came across till now(My answer was Apache mesos. followed by discussion on the same)

3rd round(1 hr)
1) Cousins of nodes in binary tree, write code
2) N-Queens problem (Backtracking),write code
3) About projects, from College and current work.
4) Networks -> tcp v/s ip protocol, ip v/s mac address.Some basic questions…
5) Java -> composition vs polymorphism (pros & cons) Some basic questions…
6) Discussion on other programming languages mentioned in resume.

Thats all I could remember. It was conducted @bangalore @some hotel.

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Last Updated : 29 May, 2019
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